Samantha Power


I think if I learned a lesson I probably learned learn one lesson to well which was to be more skittish around the press so even when I was UN ambassador. I wasn't nearly as accessible as I might have been and I think. In retrospect if you look at one of the issues in our current politics like I don't think we sold American foreign policy and how it mattered for the American people will as well as we might have but the bigger lesson was more personal which was man like life should happen and and you need people and and to be vulnerable and to be taken care of open yourself up. Because you never know what's GonNa hit you Samantha. Power was born in Ireland and emigrated to the United States As a child she started her professional life as a journalist reporting from the Bosnian civil war of the mid nineteen ninety s her reflections on what she perceived does a breakdown of Western policy in the face of genocide informed her first book a problem from Hell it won her appeal at surprise and attracted the attention of many the American politicians among them Illinois. Senator Barack Obama who hired her as a foreign policy adviser and later as president appointed to the United State's ambassador to the United Nations. The story told in Samantha. Powers' terrific new memoir. The education of an idealist is over journey from arguing doing that. Something must be done to trying to actually do it. I'm Andrew Phillip Samantha. Power joins me at MIDORI. House here in London for the big interview the Samantha.

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