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Pam promising to rebuild America Bloomberg a former Republican stepped into the field of Democrats seeking their party's twenty twenty nomination his ad hit on priorities creating in this administration now meaning president trump Bloomberg is skipping early battles in Iowa New Hampshire Nevada and South Carolina but he's dumping millions into ads elsewhere to get traction on the field he says is not position to beat the president thanks for now no reaction yet from president trump but some of the Democrats who will compete with Bloomberg are weighing in we welcome everyone to the race people keep coming and going and I keep steadily going up Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar also tells ABC is this week voters aren't necessarily looking for the richest person saying the current occupant of the White House constantly talks about how much money he has turning to the impeachment push this president leveraged his power his great vast power to ask a foreign government to help him she an election house Democrat Eric Swalwell of California believes president trump pressured Ukraine to investigate the bidens I find it unconscionable that they have not allowed the president to defend themself from the house side Senate Republican John Kennedy of Louisiana both men on fox news Sunday articles of impeachment could be drafted soon and voted on next month America's listening to fox news

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