Today's Famous Birthdays


The wife of the king of the cowboys have more Roger she died February seventh two thousand ten celebrating a birthday today born in nineteen twenty seven league grant cashmere award winning actress for shampoo where she played Felicia Emmy Award winning actress for Peyton place where she played Stella great actress by the way turning eighty nine Michael Collins NASA astronaut Apollo eleven command module pilot on the first moon landing mission he remained in lunar orbit while Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the lunar surface turning eighty eight years old today Dan urban rather award winning news correspondent CBS evening news as a great show on access TV yeah it's good to great great yeah yeah it's great show as matter of fact this past week usually talk to this late last week I forget anyway we'll get to that coming up born in nineteen thirty six you know better is Michael Landon actor from bonanza highway to heaven good teenage I was a teenage were with one of my favorite horror movies of all time little house on the prairie he died July first nineteen ninety one twenty seventy five right here in Texas kinky Friedman singer bandleader taxes you boys gives a great great individual turning seventy two Marlena from days of our lives Deidre hall is seventy two years old John candy would have had a birthday today he died March fourth nineteen ninety four turning sixty nine years old and I spent every Sunday morning with her Jane Polly TV host of the CBS Sunday morning news also married to Gary Trudeau the guy who brought his Doonesbury turning fifty three at a more of a singer guitarist Beastie Boys center play or play right Israel or leads and believe it or not he's fifty two years old today look what a DJ Robert van Winkle we know better is vanilla ice is fifty two years

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