Sondland detailed 'quid pro quo' in amended testimony filed this week, transcript shows


Oster sunland testimony came with a remarkable addendum. That just yesterday. He changed his story on one of the main questions. At the heart of this he came in and told you. Just tell if I've got this right as far as I can tell. He came in and told you a couple of weeks ago basically. Yeah there was a quid pro quo in terms of there being a White House meeting for the new Ukrainian president that he wasn't going to get that unless they pursued these investigations. I didn't really know. What the investigations were? But yeah. That was the quid pro quo when it comes to military aid no I would never be involved in that now. He's admitting yes. There was was a quid pro quo for military aid and yes he was involved in it and he said that after ambassador Taylor's Opening statement was released ambassador. Taylor said that ambassador Sunland told him everything's on the table. It's not only the meeting at the White House. It's also the military assistance in in Rachel. If all the president did was asked the president of Ukraine to to investigate his political opponent that would be an abuse of power but he did much worse he leveraged the White House meeting in three hundred and ninety one million dollars in taxpayer dollars and I have a different take though ambassador. Sure sunland where people are really beating them up for his original statement and that's really for prosecutors to determine what that means but investigations. It's often times the case that people will want to do the right thing and tell the truth and I think it's important that if other witnesses have not been truthful to us or not come in. Because they've they've been told to not do that. We should give them the space to do the right thing especially before These public hearings. Let me ask you something. That's kind of a part hypothetical about that. When I was looking at ambassador Sunland testimony today? Particularly this revision. He still insists that he has no idea why the military aid was withheld have held or who did it at the same time. Your Committee also released the seventy five pages of text messages in which we see ambassador. sunlen being directly really informed by Bill Taylor that was holding up the military aid per the president. And so he still telling you as of today in his revised statement statement. I don't know who did it. With withholding military aid. We can see him respond in real time on his phone to being told that the president was doing that he responds to that. By saying I'm all over it as as if all work on it so if it turns out that these witnesses are lying to you even if they're not trying to but they are lying to you should they expect that there will be some consequences offenses that for them not just in terms of how it plays for the President's defense I'm sure a Department of Justice that actually cares about what happened here. Not Bill Bars Department of Justice will look at the truthfulness of witnesses but again this early in the investigation. I do think it's common you see. People evolve oftentimes people. There's just some facts that witnesses is will even if they know it they'll have a close hold on it. Fortunately here ambassador Solomon's not the only one that proves that there was knowledge that the security assistance was being withheld. We have other witnesses witnesses that no that was going on. We've heard that in public statements and we can prove that in other west

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