Mosquitoes On The Scent


What's let's smell. Do you like it. It's my new citronella perfume. Miss Submit role strong good. I'm ready to do anything to keep those nasty mosquitoes at bay. Did you know that some mosquitoes carry diseases like encephalitis. West Nile Dangi and yellow fever and malaria. Maybe having snow isn't all you need to be doing. Site is known for over half century that mosquito species are attracted to carbon dioxide heat and moisture any warm-blooded species produces those three things since that time researchers have been trying to figure out what specific odors in humans attract disease-carrying species. She's so you're saying I need to get rid of a spell yes take. West Nile virus for example according to the CDC West Nile virus is is the leading cause of mosquito borne disease in the continental United States scientists studying mosquito culex quinquefasciatus did research to figure out why it feeds on humans as well as other host species downtown me. It's the smell you guessed it. Mosquitoes smell whether antennas and this two legs mosquito has a special sensitivity to a chemical called mono produced by both birds and humans when scientists bathing mosquito traps for the the combination of nominal and carbon dioxide. They were capturing over two thousand mosquitoes a night that was fifty percent more than with carbon dioxide alone. That's great. Where can I get. Some traps are selling any traps yet but you might wanna cut back on the perfume Yale. I think you're keeping more award mosquitoes. Had this moment of science comes from Indiana University. I'm Ya Cassandra and armed don glass.

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