Netflix's Reed Hastings says what he really thinks


I'm Kim Masters and this is the Hollywood breakdown joining me as Bellany of the Hollywood reporter and Matt You know I. I have talked in the past on the breakdown. I think in on the business about watching Netflix the original streaming service move glacial early towards towards grasping the Hollywood way of doing things you know. They come in the disrupters their digital disruptors where they're not going to do we're going to do things a new way A. and then they figure out maybe there's a reason for certain Hollywood rules but this and Netflix was doing if bought a theater because it knows artists want movies and theaters. I mean it. It tries a limited theatrical. Run for the movies that it wants awards for little by little they've been they've done things to accommodate talent however reed hastings the CEO. Oh of Netflix. He gave a talk this week at the New York Times deal book conference and I feel like he just went through one thing after another which basically was what we're digital digital disruptors and we don't care you know whatever the Progressive Hollywood community wants we don't care in. The first headline grabber was he was talking about the the fact that Netflix had polled. Hold an episode of Care of Hassan nauseous Patriot Act in Saudi Arabia because it was critical of The crown prince who may actually have caused a journalist Washington Washington Post journalist to be murdered. They pulled that episode that was critical of the Saudi prince. And I'm quoting Reed Hastings of Netflix. He said we're not in the truth to power or business we're in the entertainment business. Now that is a statement of fact but that's not the kind of thing that we know especially with south park standing up to China it. It just doesn't go over well. No and if I'm Ted Sarande does or Cindy Holland or Scots Dubar. Any of these Hollywood focused executives for Netflix. Who are desperately aspirin? Trying to court the creative community twenty four hours a day and I see reed hastings kinds of comments. I cringe because that's not the message. They are putting forth to the creative community. They are saying we embrace you. We embrace freedom. We give you the tools you need to say what you WANNA say. And when Reed Hastings is making these comments it's like that and also defending this plan that they have to possibly speed up or offer a sped up speed for people to watch content on netflix which creators there's will hate because it alters. What their work is that kind of thing is perhaps better from a technological and digital and audience perspective? You've but not something that the creative team at Netflix wants to sell to their. Yeah he turned around two seconds later and said we do care about creators and creative a creative intentions but we also care about consumers undercutting the first part of the statement saying that any noted VCR's could speed things up but for but this is already Outraged filmmaker like jet APO. Who have been you know just indignantly talking about just how this is an affront to them as as filmmakers yes and certainly he's not the only one and then he read these things was not done yet he He talked about the fact that you know people feel. That theaters are risk because of the netflix model which is not allowing that normal theatrical window for movies and he said if if theaters WanNa carry net flicks films once they are net flicks because people want the group experience. That's great which is obviously ridiculous because people are not going to necessarily I mean maybe a few but generally speaking taking. That's not how it works in the movie business. No and it's also countered to the Netflix narrative that they are putting out there right now. which is that for a certain type of film namely awards films? They are going to do an exclusive run in theaters. Like they're doing right now for Martin. Scorsese's the Irishman and Noah Baumbach marriage story in a couple of others. And then you've got things saying well. We don't actually care about that. We I'm paraphrasing. We you know we want our. We want our movies to be on Netflix theaters. WanNa WanNa play them great yeah eventual went after we're done and after you could see it for you know your Netflix subscription. You can go ahead and pay it in the theater so that was three comments. That I'm sure did not sit well Maybe somebody needs to get the memo to read Hastings. Thank you matt thank you.

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