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The Ghost Lights of Brown Mountain


Brown mountain is a low line. Mine Ridge approximately one point five miles long in the Pisgah national forest near Morganson North Carolina. Since at least early early twentieth century mysterious eliminations known as the Brown Mountain Lights have been seen there perhaps more significantly as the fact that many of the people that let's see these lights vanish on October. Twenty eleven dozens of individuals claimed to have seen the lights that same night. Thirty people camping nearby went missing. Local law enforcement opened an investigation but to date. No conclusion regarding the missing campers have been reached back in one thousand nine hundred fifty two project blue book the Air Force's conservative effort to look into. UFO's launched an extensive study of Brown Mountain. Elton and concluded that the lights could not be explained but that there was no connection between the lights and the people that had vanished after seeing them but in eighteen fifty fifty two an incident occurred to substantiated. The legend a woman had disappeared in the local stock that the husband had killed her. The local community came together the other to search for the body when it became too dark to continue. The search strange lights appeared on Brown Mountain. Superstitions of the time led in some of the community to believe that the lights represented the spirit of the dead woman. Come back to haunt her husband. The search ended without finding the body. But but the next day it was determined that many of the searchers had disappeared. Another incident concerned plantation owner. who was hunting on Brown Mountain? When he didn't return by nightfall his slaves went out with lanterns and search and never returned? Local folklore contains dozens of accounts of the people see the lights and vanishes shortly thereafter by nineteen sixty the legend of Brown mountain lights and a number of disappearances was immortalized. A song by Scott Wiseman the legend of the Brown Mountain Lights in nineteen ninety. Nine Chris. Carter's x files episode. Field trip shuddered around the lectern Brown Mount back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. US Geological Survey was conducted and it was determined that those that had seen the lights. We're actually seeing lights from a train or campers fires but shortly after the USGS study. There was a massive flood in the area. All power was knocked out. Train tracks washed away. The train was unable to traverse the area and during that entire period the lights of Brown mountain were visible and those in close proximity to or around. The mountain vanished. The Legend Lights Brown mountain unlike many rural regional channel stories and folklore have not faded with time no less than five musicians from the area including Sonny James and Roy. Orbison have kept the legend live in Song Television Weird or what ancient aliens and mystery hunters of focused on the lights of Brown. Now in two thousand fourteen the lights were the centerpiece of the movie. Alien Abduction in book form. It was Kathy Rights. Speaking in bones the lights can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway at milepost three ten and three a one and from the Brown mountain overlook along North Carolina Highway one eighty one. Near Jones Ridge North Carolina additionally good sightings of the lights have been reported from the top of Table Rock and Weisman's view view both located in the Louisville Gorge Wilderness. The best time of year to see them reportedly September in twenty twelve. The Brown Mountain Lights Symposium was held in nearby town of Morgantown at the Municipal Auditorium. The event was attended by thousands. So skeptics others. Who claimed to have seen the lights of all the reports of lights in the sky over the past centuries abductions impossible? UFO's it's none or as consistent and frequently reported and undeniable as the Brown Mountain Lights North Carolina

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