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Aaron Frye, P. Jeannie And Ohio discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show


The camp fire which destroyed thousands of homes in paradise and killed eighty five people was started by equipment operated by Pacific gas and electric one can't help but think had they turned off the power like they had told us they were going to do what this have happened it's easy to like a lost her home also says the answer now cannot be these continue was widespread blackouts across the northern part of the state every time it's windy Aaron Frye lost her rental home and business put me into the worst viral that's like the worst day of the month is having to pay them money she says P. Jeannie chose money for executives over safety Jessica Rosenthal fox news all officials will tell you that every vote counts a small town in Ohio is proving that magnolia is a village in eastern Ohio home to about a thousand residents this past Tuesday we had to pick a new mayor for the first time in forty years candidates Travis Boyd and grant downs each got one hundred twenty seven votes to provisional ballots being checked for validity if they don't decide the race a coin toss will ask for silence Matt went on with the star County Board of elections says that same coin used to decide that the outgoing mayor Robert leach had won the nineteen seventy nine election which also ended at that site he's been reelected nine times since each of those times on opposed the solution of the puzzle is testable blockage that's what kept taxi Jack away from the taping Friday of the wheel of fortune after successful surgery the show must go on Vanna white moved from the puzzle to the podium as interim host of social I'm Jack hello this is fox

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Aaron Frye, P. Jeannie And Ohio discussed on Outdoorsman Radio Show

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