Disney reaches deal with Amazon to put Disney+ on Fire TV and more


An interview. Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the Disney plus stream service will be available on fire TV devices vices and Samsung and L. G.. TV's at launch in the US. Which is coming Tuesday November twelfth just a few days from now Disney plus will also be available across Google Apple Bolt Microsoft and Roku as well Disney also announced more details about Disney pluses international? Roll out with the UK. Germany France Italy and Spain getting the service on March thirty first of twenty twenty within the next week Disney plus will be available in the US. Canada the Netherlands Australia and New Zealand Eiger also said that Disney Zinni plus will release more than sixty original movie and TV shows each movies and TV shows each year and FX and Fox searchlight will have designated homes on Hulu starting guarding in March. Yeah I mean this is getting a lot of attention. Don't get me wrong but I think may be lost on some people who follow this more closely like we do. How important important this is? This is the streaming service that everyone knows about and even people who don't get net flicks are likely elite to try signing up for I think for a lot of people this will be their first streaming service and this is the kind of thing that can then pull people industry mean when they say. Oh this is how how this works. Well that's interesting. You can get other things. This way could be the moment we point back to and say that's when the cord cutting wave really finally had it's inflection. Point is it might misinterpretation or is this sort of like Disney's game to lose. I mean they've got everything so they've got all the really really cool stuff and for some reason they have. I think they've prayed. Priced it at least half of what it should be. Maybe a third of what it should cost and so do all they have to do is put it out there. I mean we already know what's in there. It's awesome stuff. It's all this stuff we want right. Yeah no I think you're right like this. This kind of takes out of the equation. Will they like the content. Well I mean yes. There are people who aren't going to like all the content on Disney but man those are few small Alabama people. There's there's something for everybody in there. There's classic Disney stuff. There's high school musical stuff there's marvel there's Lucasfilm there's National Geographic. I mean it's it's all over the place so it's less likely that somebody's not gonna find someone something they like and like you said. The price is pretty affordable to well. Then I think that that's a big part of the a strategy rate ellison you mentioned it seems almost underpriced. Well that's how you get in there. Get into Disney. Plus you get used to it. You like it. Netflix has done done this over the years as well. We're raising our prices incrementally not too much but it's going to be a little bit more expensive than people go well. I I like Netflix. So it's you know it's it's that is the better way to do this because they are on a very competitive plainfield at this point in time is platform to like if you've got a fire TV a Samsung. TV It'll L. D. TV. You're no longer like wait. Am I going to get this. Yeah the answer is yes you can get it if you want

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