The Dos and Donts of Comparison Pages


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Let's be honest entrepreneurship can be lonely when you're working hard grinding away to make your business a reality it can get mentally eh emotionally draining passing yourself things like am I doing the right things is my product or business idea a good one does my website communicate the value I offer I wish somebody can look over it get the support you need when you're starting and growing your business with fizzle fizzle can help you earn a living doing something you love they do this with training tools coaching community and they're famous roadmap it's great how do I know well I've been a fiddler for over six years now join me and sins of other entrepreneurs Giddy free fourteen day trial and support the show by GonNa fizzle dot co Slash Omar again to get started with a fourteen in day free trial go F- is e. l. e. dot co slash oem a are compared the pages what are the do's and don'ts let's start with why are you creating these pages what's the purpose here many people miss the this point and this is where they go wrong the point of comparison pages are not to make you look like you're the market leader in your dominant and everybody sucks no because that just simply not true it's very hard to have that kind of binary relationship in the marketplace and it's just not believable what you're trying to do here these there's an pages is speak to your target audience you want to weed out the people that are not rifle you and you want to talk directly to those who are dr who are looking for your unique selling proposition and what you offer versus the competition it's so rare to find any product in any marketplace that's just head and shoulders with no doubt no brainer better than everybody else a lot of preference whether it's an iphone versus is an android phone whether it's a cadillac versus a Mercedes you might think you know Mercedes of course is better but I can find you somebody says the exact same thing about cats black so the plans that comparison pages here is not too bad mouth and to trash or competition it's the highlight your differences your unique selling proposition and that leads me to start with the don'ts and don't number one is do not bad mouth your competition there are so many comparison pages out there that do this there are downright Esi and I've come across some of them that can really get into some trouble I'm talking about making some claims that are not true and getting into some legal troubles some of them are very sneaky and they don't even state facts but they say questions like is this product reliable. I don't know the jury's still out that's suggesting that it's not reliable you know this is suggesting that your competition this other product is not a quality product that's not cool and I'll tell you why it doesn't work why you shouldn't do number one you should not ever do that to your competition because you've heard the saying be close to your friends but closer to your enemies while they're not your enemy sodas speak because they share the marketplace with you one day they may want to acquire you one day you may want to acquire them so drawing blood in this battle is not a good idea number two the reason why it doesn't work and it's just bad for your business is that I find it very offensive when I see a comparison page at totally trashes the competition and just as nasty and is making claims that they can't back up is a total turn off and I don't respect the company anymore I actually leave the website and say you know what if that's how they treat other people in their even their competition I'm not sure I want to do business with this company I'm not sure I wanNA give them my money there's something wrong with their culture the second don't is you don't highlight any positives about your competition a lot of people that just say we'd you all this and the competition does not do this the only highly of the things that they do that the competition doesn't do but they don't talk about the competition does do and the reason why this is a big don't is because it's just not believable it's just not believable when you have let's say a comparison char and your side of the Char has all these green check marks and they have all read exes when you're just highlighting things are going to give you a green check mark and the competition red x it can go both ways the competition can do the same thing and flip the script on you instead of being so binary be honest and give credit where credit's due for example with our software webinar initial comparison age with zoom we pray zoom for being a great meeting software and if you WANNA run meetings one on ones we actually recommend them that's their superstar breath but when it comes to one too many or few too many running a Webinar and you need marketing and registration pages in email marketing built in this is where we're better this is where you want to choose us the potential customers are GonNa see then say that's fair that makes sense and I trust this company more because they're being fair so highlighting any of the positives of your competition is a bad idea or don't is third party negative what I mean by that well maybe you won't say something negative your competition but if you insert something from a customer let's say a testimonial that says ah I love product X. I used to use this product and it was absolute crap even though it's a real testimony Lou even though it may be factual have some class don't do that to your competition I am sure you've had customers that had a bad experience in their opinion were you dropped the ball by mistake could've been customer service it could have been a glitch could have been didn't get their package on time something were customers are satisfied a happens to all of us the best of us how would you feel if that customer and their story of how things went wrong in your business was on your competitions website not cool last don't is tit for tat a lot of people say hey my competition is nasty they're bad mouthing left and right they're doing this and that they're saying untrue things I totally can relate to that but it doesn't mean that you have to stoop down to that level like Michelle Obama when they go low ugo hi you have a culture you have a standard and you will resonate with those that have the same standard and culture now the dues are obviously the opposite you want to be honest you want to be Fair WanNa show your unique selling proposition and without trashing your competition and a good way to kind of gauge if you're doing this right if you showed your comparison page to your competition to the CEO uh of that company do you think they would say this is absolutely horrible I'm suing you this is ridiculous or do you think they're going to say you know what that hurts but fair enough you're not saying something that I can disagree with so I want to give you some examples of some really good comparison just so you can see what I'm talking about the first example is web flow I talked about web flow in an earlier episode. This is a up and coming website builder website design type of tool and they have competition like square space and wordpress and shop affi- they're in a market that super crowded but if you check out their website or you can just Google web flow versus wordpress or web flow versus squarespace look at their page it's light hearted it's transparent it's honest this is on web flows comparison page for squarespace this on their site web flow site is saying this thus squarespace squarespace template approach makes it easy for anyone to have an manager website that's what they're saying about squarespace it it's true it's positive why would they put that on their site because what are they comparing it to the himselves what do they do that's different from squarespace they're not template based they allow you to customize anything and their designer friendly so if you're a designer and you like things to be a particular way you don't work in the confines of a template you're going to resonate with with Flo hey I like what full better because that's what I want cool templates are cool and everything but that's not for me good for you not for me and that's a great way to create a comparison page

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