Space technology thats helping small States survive climate change

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This is an academy with you and US fifty years since the first moonwalk space technology has made a huge difference to life on earth just think about all the services and that is what has been backing so far we have been seeing how the industry has progressed and there are no moving more and more away from providing individual in the field and for them to take photos that are designed to work over low bandwidth and also provide photos to us immediately to our service the peace and security human rights et Cetera sign any has you know this week is worse based week and today has we talk more and more we are teaming up with the Commonwealth Secretariat so to the in London as well as several UK entities in order to provide capacity the competitions maybe a personal question I would like to know how you had this idea to develop this about climate change dangerous are you optimistic that space technology is going to help us bits absolutely I think we'll see more the type of technology I was using to look at the medicine ice cap if that could be used porch metairie and purposes so time there was no one else really doing that very much about being able to use practical application of technology and putting Tulleson the answer of users at the national level is fundamental in order to move forward both development agenda we are committed to leading the one behind an example and tomatoes fifty would be a commonsense project this project we are countries that are directly faced with the climate change right now as they need to take very hard decisions on me people for example because well let's see images providing information on example of that when we are looking to improve parliamentary sealions in the UN or some you have we are guided by this the years and seeing how the typical you know can be used with different types of applications from quasi unitarian falsely relevant to all the main so the pressure to work with the UNHCR for the first three years in the United Nations and I learned a lot from that we really saw how this could benefit we went satellite experts are aiming to give small island states threatened by natural disasters in climate change the best chance of survival in an interview with you and you this is Kena each back to celebrate World Space Week Dr Hainer Bureau go explains how technology out there in orbit can be applied for development more space technologies having direct practical impacts over or light of already of course it is having a huge impact of course telecommunications tonight's whether it's too late Indiana -tarian ends we have developed a mobile application to give tools in the amsoil initially early founders and actually it's as though so are I see so part of our daily light but increasingly the types of it majority that we are using will little by little see and make their way in with them with the government's overtime so any project would you deploy people to the countries we learn from the government and we are together designing the solutions

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