How to Test out Your Business Idea


Bridge edge from a good job. That doesn't feed my soul to a full time business following my passion. What steps do you recommend. I take to start building abridge while still committed to my full time job. Mary and this is a fantastic question and so many people are in your situation so thank you for asking it. Step one is to commit to love the crap out of your job while you're there. Here's why I say that one of the things I've learned in my life is how you do one thing is how you do everything and I've seen so many people make a huge mistake where they're trying to transition out of a job into a business that they love and they wind up going to work every day and they're miserable. They're totally resenting being they're are there like surfing the web they're complaining and when they get home at night they have absolutely zero energy to devote to their passion business. Why is that it's because they're miserable. Israel and complaining all day long so you can't be in that mode for eight hours and then come home and think you're going to be passionate. Business Ain't gonNA happen so commit to really love being there for by the time that you're there. Asthma's Oprah says doing the best in this moment. Put you in the best place place for the next moment one more reason if you need it to love your job while you're at it he is. I want you to build a financial cushion. When you start making that transition to your new business this you're gonNA eventually need some things like website and some other business stuff plus azure making a transition. It's really important to have a financial cushion to lean on while you're getting things going so step. Two is all about profit clarity. Profit clarity is so important so we WANNA know. What exactly is Your Business Snus. What's Your Business Model. Are you selling goods. Are you selling services are they. Digital is it software as a membership site all kinds of choices to make we also also WanNa know who are you serving and who are your ideal clients. And what exact problems. Are you solving for them. How are you helping them to lead better lives. And what exactly are they giving money for step number three. Is You WANNA take that profit clarity. Take those ideas that you came up with and now we need to go out into the marketplace and validate holiday your ideas that means talking to some real people going out and finding people that are in your target market and talking to them about the exact problems that you you want to help them solve. Here's an example if I was considering starting a personal styling business and my target market was women between their thirties and fifties and they were the entrepreneurial I would go out and find as many of those women as I possibly could find then. I would have conversations with them about what frustrates them about their. They're close about their closets their wardrobes about getting dressed for speaking engagements and all the things that I could possibly come up with that. I can help them solve and then I'd ask them. Would they actually pay money for that really get down to the nitty gritty and find out. Is this a viable service. Would people actually give me money for Eric these ideas after I spoke to enough of these ladies I would know whether or not my idea was on track and if it was start making ladies some offers and get my business off off the ground now of course there's many more steps to crack this nut. These are three that will get you

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