Dwayne Haskins named the Redskins’ starting quarterback for rest of season



Appropriate that we begin with news out of the nation's capital redskins coach Bill. Callahan said within the last half hour that Dwayne Haskins the redskins starting quarterback the rest of the way Haskins started the last game for Washington against the Buffalo Bills. Coming off a bye the redskins will face the jets. That's this week Tim Thought the decision to name. Dwayne Haskins distorted the rest of the season. Do it now and stop answering the question. I guess and that's the key I think you just go make a decision and go with it. Don't look back. He's the quarterback of the future. They want him to be the quarterback of the future and so rather than answering questions each and every week. There are being somewhat of a distraction. The rest of your football team but I think also a message to Dwayne of okay. Here's the deal. You need to get ready. You need the be ready and prepared to go out and play and play at a high level each and every week in these what the expectations are for you as a starting quarterback in the National Football Tali at so. I think they need to do it. They'll still be somewhat difficult to evaluate him because of some of the situations you know there and we've seen some guys get better watching somebody else. The truth matter is find out if you can play or not by actually client yeah. This is a situation or decision that I felt should have been made once. You named him the starter for the Buffalo Bills Game. This shouldn't have been a thing where we're going to put him in pulling Glenn Beck. I'll see if we can start Cole McCoy or go with case keenum once you decided to go with the Wayne ask is. He's you're first round draft pick. You WanNa see if he's your quarterback of the future because as you will be moving on to a new coach and he may have to get his own guy and he's still a rookie so you the only way you're gonNA learn is on. The job is by going out there and doing it and I think they knew that is interesting that they waited until go bye week to do this. And and case keenum won't be the number two quarterback and Cole McCoy will be the third quarterback but he's shown Some glimpses in that last start. You see the arm talent. That's the one thing that that was. I don't think that's ever been concern listening to people. Call a game. When people people have obviously met with the team and have talked to the coaches and production meetings about this and they wanna make sure he he can call the play properly in the huddle call like say what what you want? There was a reason he wasn't playing and it was not because the physical ability. There was a lot of talk about him. Not Being Mentally Ready to play the game and and you have to at least give yourself a chance to succeed before the bolts. And if you're not doing that that's why you're not on the field the criticisms if you can call Oh them that wasn't about whether he was smart enough but they were interpreted that and I think Adrian Peterson and trying to explain and maybe defend himself last week or the week before. was He telling Dwayne it's time for you to get into the playbook in other words it was really learning how to be a pro. And that's what they wanted to do is learn how to be a pro in terms of how you prepare apparent when he's sitting there at number three and no one that play. I don't think he prepared like a guy who might start that week.

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