Fish Oil Drug Recommended for Wider Use


A panel of scientific advisers to the food and drug administration has unanimously voted in favor of wider use of a prescription fish oil pills the medication can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes and there's also no reports it's long been known that omega three fatty acids which are abundant in oily fish such as salmon are good for heart health what's much newer to the scene is a fish oil pills approved by the FDA cardiologists Peter Wilson of Emory University has reviewed the evidence behind the drug is called the sepa this is a prescription product at high concentration this to your assigned fish oil which is extracted from sardines and anchovies is currently recommended for a narrow group of people with very elevated triglyceride levels but Wilson was part of a panel of advisers that was used to weigh in on whether the fish oil pills could also be beneficial for a much wider group of adults including people who've already had a heart attack or stroke and people with type two diabetes who also have another risk factors such as high blood pressure the

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