Three Wide, No Cover | Melbourne Cup Runner by Runner Preview


Hello hello and welcome to a very special edition of three while had no cover a Melbourne cap spatial we're going to go through every runner in the rise and fall and you will win out in a rice that stops a nation Russian and more to co host as always went on I'm in the chair and Julian Velazquez in white hot form of the moment if Russia on Saturday you went with Miami Band and Rice to over fleet you are on far at the moment you hit can easily change your on the good as you last election bought we going by but this rice is tough if there's an idea but we're gonNA raw knows all about it and you'll be able to put us in the right direction recently does these group one winning jockey many many times I'll tell you what when you come ad for Melbourne Cup wake what do you do you know you're going to be on TV beat you get rid of the beat and you go clean shy of any loops ten years younger that man is some and Marshall thank you good to have view I in the pigskins tonight especial Melvin competition this is a good feel this is a great field there's stack question marks recognize genuine chances in the Rice Sarah dissecting talking about them and maybe a COUPLA fees for the panels at home as we always liked the play the motorcycles watch this show all the time we're laws that are not always here markle wall will make wall or skipper as we now him macy's full alive and apparently he's got appendicitis and he organized they shouted out he was the driver behind Z.? LOVES BEING ON THE CAMERA LOVES BEING ON TV now apparently appendicitis apparently rushed to hospital but this video always target only twenty four hours ago and show you video on will the background camera legal round the block a man in the back dead who is going to pin this on us now are always the doctor boys I would be looking getting nowhere near the appendix I'll be working towards the leveraging as the light scratching on vets at voice box towel enjoys Dhabi heavy wealth to talk about on Taylor downdraft on Saturday fans wind the Melbourne Cup the Siamese Prince of aerated law she came third in the rice has that changed anything look into the rice it's now seven eight dollars and obviously we've seen through history that you win the Lexus the wholesome the SOB whatever it's called utain to run really well in the Melbourne Cop in the the market seems to gravitate toward you we'll get to that very shortly bought the market did change a little bit off to the barriers or war we're going to get the market up a brand new let's go through the market rocket as it stands at the moment and glass who's coming to five or tim that was a bad I fifty a couple of weeks ago Constantinople touch sevens at had fiend Shit tain bound declares in the cross Cantu the extra kilos this she is surprised by being Il Paradiso having a lot of pundits h. y. the Prince of Erin and move always at either over the table and Raymond Tusk at Nineteen downdraft is the one that came means southern France bits bits two thousand dollars on on the five southern France at twenty one dollars all the way Dan Hunting Horn who won two weeks ago at forty one dollars here it's a big rice guys on the page and there's still some genuine probably live chances there as well toy that we've had since the barrier to that the punishment the most sports bit the favorite mode aglow I told is into six fifty after the barrier draw guy to probably a big advantage for that horse obviously it's good it's about thirty two hundred meters but maybe the guy alleviates it's a couple of those problems with that and the other one was lying there the to the pun is one of the moment for us at sports is there anything out of Sessa die the why the trek plied that you can take in the Melbourne Cup look other than the fact that you are dandruff obviously going really well he's going to be fit we still have these trucks going apply to be honest it was quite wet on Saturday there's GonNa be some rain today on Monday and supposedly drawing we know it's a joint track but he's going to draw on add some confidence seem Flemington because what we saw on Saturday Dhabi is they used the entire tract I didn't just stick to the fence that didn't stick for the day in the middle like I'm Dan wide and we sold melody battle-winning Michael Grand and also fees impact and then towards the end of the day that I wish shifting off and leaving the fence about four horses of a gap to the inside running row also it was a great spread right across the track all wouldn't expect it to be too much I've got to get through it on Melbourne Cup Day and jockeys go to pick their best path so Jewish touched on it a little bit of inclement weather I think it'll just help Flemington because it's such a great draining track they've prepared these track for the full days play on Oregon it was really fair on Saturday more I'm really looking forward to catching up with the hall of fame trying to dive is he's got three runners in the Melbourne Cup and we're going to get him on the final on a little bit lighter so he won't be able to help some throughout the show today I'm looking forward to that is your task done well let let's go through all the runners one by one in Reis Book Order Starting With Number One cross candidate last year obviously a little bit more white penalty the she does a two-horse classy Ohio UCS V8's now with goodell from blue forever because of course Canis Ripa but that's last year that's irrelevant now you go to carry fifty seven and a half doing now you can get thirty two hundred Mehta's after one the Melvin copy he wants him otherwise he went to do boy I wanNA group to their he started two dollars fifty in this ledger most recent run looking Ren fourth I think back in that rice it was a little bit of a worrying run but he has the pay over a lot of these other international forces put it this way Celli police and absolutely gun he's done it before these horses this is done it before he can win the rice he's not my talk for everybody can definitely win the rice is to have been more helpful because I'm going to trust him at Flemington Lymington as a genuine style what we saw last year was that three year old northern hemisphere hemisphere foam come to the fore carried fifty two key allies he was the best background Gripe Gripe profile leading into that rice since then Josie mentioned you want my which was terrific winning out of the thirty two hundred meters so to me that look walk a whole studied improved to travel back tonight in and then he ran out of a full thousand meters he got one point nine links off stratovarius in gripe form rice in the Gold Cup with D. XP just let's be in front of him as well and then he wasn't far why beyond Stratovarius again in the goodwood and then Dayton full links I'll forgive him for that he's had a really good I think he's a better whole this year and net foam and those four runs within twelve months suggest that he's a bit holes that's fifty seven and a half the reason Gordon Moore top four is because I'm going to trust him as the genuine style in the rice think if you've got class law came you can come back drawing a good guy with fifty seven and a half get locked away and he's going to use he's that he's going to be more top four for those reasons I think we're going to see a bit of a patent horses that can win absolutely smell them cap so that is a big number one cross cannock came winless got the number to murder glass obviously after the barrier draw eight fifty six dollars fifty dining line on board came in as well Ken Wayne counting anyway any of that process of six dollars fifty Moran knowing nine dollars fifty but of a winning chance look he wanted to cool field cop I think the inside guy is the positive Damian line is absolutely able when he's a fantastic jockey there is concerns whether it gets thirty two hundred meters stay in that's probably the concern for the Japanese but I think the inside guy allows him to maybe get a bomb and just because up clued up if you can be with four hundred maters guy I've got no daddy can win the rice doubts on the coffee cupping teams if he had every opportunity to win that rice and still on the run high twenty four and a half twelve and a half so it wasn't sensational last four hundred dollars two hundred a pretty moderate Tampa he's got meaningful the Japan and as a guns I think sometimes we can fall into the brains of twenty four hundred a Coffee Cup win locked that didn't right off the roof in terms of figures that was he's I have a twenty four hundred proud of that he was a two-time winner I have a twenty two hundred police phones brain around the mall and a quarter so easy to to brilliant and is he wanted to he's best at fifty-six kilos against genuine thirty two hundred natal's GonNa be strong that you can trust at the end of the rice with that Madam on top four and now he gets the best run but he's going to need the bush guidance it'll suck up beyond side he can use that tune afoot but easy the brain Ho slot the Saudi thinks these talk horses that we've saying come through at the mall and a quarter and right really well and Hoy but just with the fifty six and not being tested beyond twenty four hundred meters of got that question macaroni happy to him on Kenny Win Not yes yes okay number three mass reality twenty six dollars at at the moment Frankie Dettori onboard can't win yes but I just don't know enough about the tone four one hundred twenty three matches up pretty well but time for one hundred twenty three fifty four and a half roy it up there I mean that's a fair wack he's the handicap has got a hold of him there's no doubting that he ran fifty alleged that cross Canada ran fourteen cross Canada Tudo is fifty Master Valley started fifteen does he can win but I've got him into bat twenty one twenty six dollars look I wouldn't be knocked over but he won't be my betting strategy is to he can he can running the top bite for show this horse because he's a genuine style and he's trolling barrier wine he gets a fifty five and a half and he's foolish stratovarius there's a lot of this

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