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I like this song and the New Apple Music this is not an ask you can push the button and the words and that really helps digest. What someone you know? The one thing that she says you know I always say Wolf. Blitzer takes weird breaths. Let's like we have breaking news. I'm always like you couldn't wait news to take a breath we're care with Ross math use embiid word wolf and so she does it a little bit. She finally recognized. I think she takes a breath in that she goes nice and some so I like it. I like it hold on. I want you to hear this. Listen you're going to hear it here. Which says recognize if she takes a breath in the middle like wolf? Blitzer does recognize recognize pickup. Nice every time she at these little things. I focused on hyperfocused. Every time she recognized it is a different part and not so much there. Yea I one Beckett Nice. There's a link on Apple Music where they show you're kind of place all of the year like who you've been listening to the most I played i. You have to go in and you have to log into your apple music. I had a whole are a grind. I apparently have played over. We're fifty hours of beyond say was number one of course but Ariana Grande who was a friend of mine. That's signed Patterson. God bless when my favorite milk singers I text him. I was like you're my apple music. I've played thirty hours of you. Apparently this whole entire year. But if you're going to music and just look at who you've listened to interesting the director. It's like interesting shocking. Am I would be like. You're gay. You Ratchet because a lot of Meghan Estonia. It was Budi Woody Talk Music. It was like big Ofri mine would be. You're an old well. Listen you know when I posted that song last last week if it was the end of the world or something I can't tell you. How many messages on social media people saying how much they love that song? And they were downloading. They're listening to stuff and I don't know it's we always. I started doing this a bit ago when I started coming to the Third Act. Actually the or the fourth actor whatever we do oh side no I just have to see. How Fun was that with Dossey so you think you know someone from the little bit you see them on? TV and sort of have an in depth conversation with them. And I and I know what that's like. That's why I wanted to talk about what it's like to be defined as somebody

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