The grand heist: Thieves steal 'priceless' 18th century jewels from Dresden museum


And this is an interesting story nearly one hundred pieces of eighteenth century jewelry were taken from Dresden's grooms well museum and he became even calculate how much this is where this happened yesterday yeah they I think they they broke in with like just chop their way into this museum with axes they acquitted this heist to robbing the Mona Lisa yeah that's how big the highs this was telling job baby well the they broke in the store they were traveling in an alley and what we do know is that ninety percent of these heists occur with insiders yeah yeah ninety percent of the time there's an insider involved in it so how long do you think it is before they tracked down I would venture to say the end of the week you think a catch of a out of this too many cameras nowadays yeah but they did find the the car on fire somewhere so that is that's a trillion area where Tory amber had been cut off to see that yeah the the electricity the camera so these guys

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