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Analysis: Are the Public Impeachment Hearings Legitimate?


What the Democrats are doing to this president has never been done to another president in American history two prior presidents who were actually impeached in found innocent they never had to face this a federal judges who were in page not all convicted only eight of them convicted were never treated like this let's take a look at our and our board here in just three coin ourselves with western civilization to process since the Magna Carta of twelve fifteen and thereafter the right to confront your accusers the right to cross examine your accuser the right to call witnesses the right to cross examine witnesses the right to present evidence the right to counsel the right to a public trial this is basic stuff will say well it's not a criminal trial the six the member does apply the fourth and fifth amendment on a plane I said to process since the Magna Carta in there after what do you think the framers of the constitution got the idea for the for the men at the fifth amended the sixth amendment they didn't manufacture it hundreds of years of reformation of civilization of progress had been killed and the house intelligence committee by the Democrats no president in fact nobody facing impeachment has ever in American history been treated this way now let's look at the impeachment clause you have individuals quoting Gerald Ford for the impeachment standard and said anything that house says is impeachment is impeachment that's a lie the constitution says what's impeachment the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors keep it there does it say Gerald Ford said now does it say it's simply a political process now and they can cite federalist sixty five all they want Hamilton doesn't say that either the motivation may be political the motivation may be mob life but it's not whatever the house of representatives says the constitution doesn't give the house of representatives elimina ball power it doesn't get any branch of government a little more power that's what it gives it treason bribery or other crimes and misdemeanors now has the president committed apart from all this that all the bureaucrats all the civil servants although never droppers all the Democrats all the journalists in the phony legal analyst has the president committed treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors let me tell you something else that's interesting we've all these former federal prosecutors and judges commenting when this language was written there wasn't a federal criminal code you don't go to the federal criminal code to look up bribery or misdemeanors they were looking in English common law they were looking at the practices of the parliament and they borrowed language from them this was considered a higher standard when George Mason said mallet ministration James Madison got up and said mala ministration that means the president of the United States will be all owned by the house of representatives which is what the house of representatives is saying today through the Democrats in this committee we assure us you damn well better bye bye we want documents you damn well better give it to us we don't care about separation of powers we don't care about checks and balances where the house of representatives and we Democrats we controlling this doesn't matter separation of powers doesn't matter well I damn well does

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