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Because he doesn't he's never had to deal with that before and he's getting rick reacquainted with his axe. Who came back into his life? Alan Arkin is is getting involved with an axe who came back into his life. Play by Jane Seymour. You're and I really liked the show a lot. It shows that actors who get a certain age can still continue to work and very be very successful successful and I really enjoy a lot. So it's definitely worth your time. If you WANNA check it out as a comedy on Netflix. Not Super Funny but it it has a lot of hurt to it and it has a lot of good relationships in how they deal with each other and their families and their friends so I really like it a lot and like seeing Michael. Douglas lead acting class for all these. All these young kids who have their own issues too and it's fun to see Emily Osmond in that group to who has a really weird boyfriend. WHO's a drummer I guess? And you just kind of odd. I just really liked the show a lot. I I wish we will watch it. Obviously people are watching it. Because it's been it's had another season as only eight episodes and they're all short. They're all half hour episodes so so you can watch them all at once or spread them out over a week which what I've been doing watching one or two episodes every night or so and I really like it a lot and I'm glad that it's coming back for episode for more episodes. I hope it gets more seasons. Can it's it's just a really great show and I like it a lot. We are an Amazon affiliate. So as you're looking towards your holiday shopping

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