Two jail guards for Jeffrey Epstein charged with cover-up in his suicide


Some big developments Kelly in the death of Jeffrey Epstein to jail guards responsible for monitoring in the ninety according to the corner killed himself they've not been criminally charged in this case yeah they are accused of falsifying the records because they weren't supervising him the day before he had been moved off of suicide watch when you're on suicide watch a twenty four hour surveillance both in terms of video and a guard right there when they moved him back into the general population they were supposed to check on them every thirty minutes the two guards you were right fifteen feet away were either sleeping or online shopping and then they falsify the record to say that they had checked on him when in fact they had yeah and that's that's that's awful so their charge now I'm I'm I guess I'm hoping I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I still have questions about this case I'm hoping that these actually these these this case goes to trial and we can maybe shed more light on exactly what didn't didn't happen there because people are saying you know how could this happen to such a prominent inmate who was on suicide watch also we know that people allow inmates don't like peta files it after he was accused of being such and also he had a lot of powerful friends who we could may be implicated in Syria Iran so you have all that intrigue all right plus you have his family hiring doctor Michael Baden to do the autopsy and their and their own investigation and he determined that the marks on the neck were not consistent with hanging it was consistent with strangulation there were no cameras ally on his cell at all so there are a lot of questions that I'm not a conspiracy there is either I tend to make fun of those people who are you know I I I do think that in this particular case I could see a scenario playing out where you know what there is a somebody is a has this to the pata file who is you know allows another inmate to come in looks the other way and pretend that they don't know what's going on and there's no camera and there's no record of anybody so I mean or somebody from the outside comes in and says Hey we'll give you I will facilitate a transfer to a nicer facility or will reduce your sentence if you know you you go in there and do what you need to do and and will look the other way yeah I look at it if if I had a gun to my head right now I still think it was a suicide he finally got a chance to do what he did it his future is bleak but but I don't know I'd like I'd like more information of interesting interesting yeah hearing yesterday in Washington where the what one of the committee's handling it is looking into and they they they talk to the the head of the prisons there care of Kathleen hawks Sawyer she appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee and she was not asked about hello all things in the federal prison system including the F. sting case in in this exchange with the committee chair Lindsey Graham senator from South Carolina they they were talking about this conspiracy theory and she confirmed that there is the FBI is looking into a quote unquote criminal enterprise possibility with the case this high profile there's got to be their major malfunction the system are criminal enterprise it for that to allow this to happen so are you looking at both the FBI looking at both if the FBI is involved and they are looking criminal enterprise yes so I mean that is sort of obvious but it's interesting the FBI does have a formal investigation those are the two possibilities either there was incompetence or something

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