Impeachment hearings: Tuesday was a disaster for Republicans


Impeachment proceedings against President trump were a doubleheader today with hearings both this morning starting at nine. Am Eastern and men another marathon hearing this afternoon starting at three o'clock eastern extending well into the evening tonight ending less than a half an hour ago. Now the the second hearing today the afternoon and evening session that just ended was tactically a first though because the two witnesses were called specifically in the impeachment hearing this afternoon were the first witnesses who were specifically requested by the Republicans on the committee. Now we don't know exactly why hi. The Republicans on the committee were so eager to call these particular witnesses today. It kind of seems clear from how it went with them today that the Democrats would have been just as is happy to call them to if the Republicans hadn't but this is specifically who the Republicans wanted and it seems like it's probably Lee not the way they had wanted it to go does not credible to me. That former vice president biden would have been influenced in any way by financial or personal motives in carrying out his duties as vice president. I don't think that raising twenty sixteen elections or vice president and Biden or these these things I consider to be conspiracy theories that have been circulated by the Ukrainians particularly the former prosecutor. General are are we there not things that we should be pursuing as part of our national security strategy with Ukraine at the one in person meeting I had with Mayor Giuliani on July. Nineteenth mayor. Giuliani raised and I rejected the conspiracy. Theory that Vice President Biden would have been influenced in his duties as vice president by money. Money paid to his son as previously testified. I have known vice. President Biden for twenty. Four years is an honorable man and I hold them in the highest regard embassador Kurt Volker who resigned as U S envoy to Ukraine when the impeachment scandal broke. Open a few weeks ago. He was asked to testify testify before these proceedings. He accepted that invitation to testify and he resigned his job What that means though? Because he was the first witness they asked to come in and give a closed-door deposition that tells you that the Democratic leadership of the impeachment committees were happy to hear from Ambassador Volker as a witness in the first instance. I'm I can surmise. That the Democratic leadership of those committees would have been happy calling him again for this public testimony of the type that he went through today that said he was specifically requested Republican witness the Republicans on the committee specifically wanted Ambassador Volker and to Morrison who he testified alongside alongside today. I'm not exactly sure why. The Republican members of the committee were so psyched to have him there today specifically as their witness but there he was it was ambassador Volker and as I mentioned a senior national security official who also recently resigned his post. The man he testified alongside is named Tim Morrison Morrison Morrison on Volcker are the witnesses the Republicans wanted to make sure got their turn before the cameras in these televised hearings but whatever the Republicans motivation was for that honestly. Their testimony wasn't awesome for the President's defense. Not at all quite the contrary now after this larger meeting with the vice president pence presidents Alinsky testified at your deposition that you saw ambassador John Lennon immediately. Go over and pull Andre Earmark aside and have a conversation as president Zone Linski left the room vice president pence left the room and in sort of an anteroom Bashur Samland and presidential adviser. Your had this discussion. Yes Bachelor Sunland Sadie. Tell you that he told Mr Yearbook that the Ukrainians would have to have the prosecutor. Ask You your general Make a statement with respect to the investigations as a condition of having the eight lifted. Now did you tell Ambassador Bolton about this conversation version as well. I reached out to him as well and requested his availability for a secure phone call and what was his response when you explain to him what ambassador Sunland had said. Tell the lawyers now. A few days later on September seventh you spoke again to Ambassador Sunland. Who told you that he had just gotten off the phone with President? Trump isn't that right. That sounds great. Yes what did ambassador Sunlen tell you that. President Trump said to him. If I were called this conversation correctly this was where On related that there was no quid pro quo by presence. Alinsky had to make the statement and that he had to wants wants to do it year by that point. Did you understand that. The statement related to the Biden in a two thousand sixteen investigations. I did yes. And that was a a essentially a condition for the security assistance to be released. I I understood that. That's what embassador sauna believed after speaking with President Trump. That's what he represented. Did you tell Ambassador Bolton about this conversation as well I did. Yes and what did he say to you. He said to tell the lawyers once again what I call them the second time for something like this once again. He told me tell the lawyers do. Do we need a theme song for today. How about tell the lawyers fire up the embroidery hoops day? Three three of the trump impeachment hearings had provided us with yet another set of words to live by words to stitch onto a pillow. At least words words to watch out for in testimony about how the president's own appointees talk to each other when they learned about what the president had been cooking up behind closed doors to don't even tell me talk to the lawyers dude. Are you calling me about another one of these. I said talk to the lawyers. Do you have the lawyer so number. Can you get to the lawyer's office.

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