Hospital: Mold outbreak linked to infections since 2001


Mold infections at Seattle children's hospital last year were not the first time we've learned there were more deaths from those infections because Ryan Harris is at children's of what its chief says it's doing to eliminate the problem instead of seven infections and one death from Aspergillus mold exposure since last year children C. E. O. Dr Jeff staring says there were seven more infections and five deaths between two thousand one in twenty fourteen but sparing says they didn't make the decision until may of this year to completely replace the air handling system immediately when we realize this may when we had the three new surgical site infections from Aspergillus given that that we we had had at at the the cases cases in in twenty twenty eighteen eighteen for for me me that that represented represented a a repeat repeat pattern pattern that that we we had had to to do do something something more more significant significant systems systems sparing sparing apologized apologized and and says says they they continue continue to to follow follow the the families families affected by this problem the new air handling system will include hapa filtration for each operating room and the surrounding areas experiences they'll keep the operating rooms closed until January when that new system is installed

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