Apple, Disney Enter Streaming Market


This message comes from NPR sponsor xfinity some things are slow like simple easy awesome more at xfinity dot com restrictions apply it is not about us I assure you so this joins almost a half dozen new high profile streaming great sitcom out of sticking a camera in your offices this is like a competitor Netflix or what well you know in a way I mean big outfits like Disney and Warner media built their own streaming platforms and apples joined in own and it offers original commercial free shows to draw consumers deeper into about us how does the pay that's called the morning show on his new service Emily Dickinson and The Best Apple TV pilot I've seen is this anthology it for the two point overs just give it some time Yeah okay so in less than two weeks November out there that are going to try to serve all most of your TV needs and it feels like Disney pluses that seven dollars a month for about seventy dollars a year I mean I think sometimes it's tough for critics like me Well can you give any advice about what to do here I mean we've all Amax this year from or this week for more media they're promising like ten thousand hours of content diary to see what you actually watch a be aware of what's out there they're streaming platforms when the season is over and and go somewhere else and the combined costs could easily be less than like you're getting a cut loose at an awesome library or mazing grocery store and just enjoy.

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