Trump re-election campaign targeted by Iran-linked hackers


Our committee issued a report in insight on saying that Russian active measures are growing with frequency and intensity and these groups pose a significant threat to the United States and our allies in upcoming elections. Would you agree with that in fact one of the areas that we have to look at it and many more companies companies many more countries are developing capability to replicate what the Russians had done the New York Times reports that indeed Iranian hackers have targeted the trump reelection campaign quote Microsoft said hackers with apparent backing from Iran's government had made more than twenty seven hundred attempts to identify the email accounts of current and former United States government officials journalists covering political campaigns lanes and accounts associated with the presidential campaign. It was not clear what information if any had been taken in the attack on the trump campaign tonight the campaign says has it has no indication that any infrastructure was hit with US tonight the man to see on these matters Malcolm Nance he's a veteran of naval intelligence special OPS and homeland security with thirty five years working in counterterrorism and intelligence and is our analyst in this area his forthcoming book one of many relevant to this discussion is the plot to betray America. How team trump embraced our enemies compromised our security and how we can fix it Malcolm. What is the lesson in this lesson in this is that the two thousand sixteen election opened the floodgates for all types of non-state and state actors to try to influence the United States elections and with the president and many of his followers not believing that there is an intrinsic Nick cyberthreat in this world that will attempt to influence our electoral process. Everyone's going to dry so a sub lesson of that. I'm guessing assing in a democracy when we have a boisterous debate on this or any other network and Moscow Mitch is a name that is hatched because the Senate majority leader's unwillingness for the longest time to get funding approved to harden our elections people can hear us when when we say that people can see our coverage in a free society in a as they say a malign actor would be foolish not to try it ten years ago. The United States had a mindset in which the defense of the nation on all sides sides was paramount and that no one would ever be allowed to come after the United States on any platform anywhere in the world even if we weren't the greatest greatest and cyber cyber hygiene that has since changed and as you say the world can hear us when the world believes the United States will no no longer defend itself you know malignant players such as Iran North Korea China you know could be anybody as far away as Zimbabwe understands that America's information sphere can be weaponized against itself and that you can go after individuals or organizations or entire countries and have the ability to change their mindset or to hack their mindset so apparently Iran is touching base on this and are trying to get the basic steps to rudimentary hack certain people or individuals around around the campaign and perhaps influence it or carry out a false flag operation making it look like someone else's trying to influence. Dan Coats once said and I'll paraphrase phrase that what kept him up at night was the rumored Russian ability to turn off the power in New England in the middle of of winter. Tell the folks watching. Chang tonight at the risk of scaring them to death before bet on a Friday evening. How bad could it get. What could someone do it could get very bad and granted this report in The New York Times about very rudimentary things right about spearfishing people clicking on the wrong Lincoln downloading malware into their computer but that's the first step in going after turning off. Oh a hydroelectric plant or shorting out a substation and plunging a million people into darkness. These are infrastructure attacks which are very hard to do because we have such a large civilian infrastructure which is not protected at a governmental level the way many other countries around the world are so you know when you turn off power. You kill people respirators. Go off until the batteries come on or a generators. Come on. It can be very difficult. People lose their air conditioning so these are the sort of things that are the far far end of the black operations and cyber warfare. Iran for example destroyed every computer in Aramco the Saudi Arabian Oil Company a few years ago using malicious malware and knocking down their systems that was not as bad as if they say shut off Wichita Talk Kansas from having any electricity all of these are within the realm of that and if we are not defending ourselves our opponents will figure out ways as to use it.

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