3 From Hell


Welcome to now playing house of thousand corpses retrospective series hosted by Marjorie. and you've got actually had to look to see if they were real too because lords of Salem she had a giant chest tattoo as well and so I got to the point where I was like could those be real but when lionsgate made all I have a question and I'm just going to reveal my hand now what was rob zombies worst film Halloween too it's obviously Halloween too but what was robbed be second worst film his worst original film lords of Salem or three from Hell and lords of Salem Stewart margin I reviewed that we were very hard on it on second viewing with years past it is better than I remembered it being it's got some nice atmosphere it's still a not recommend but it was not the debacle and failure I thought it was the worst part of that movie is it star Sheri Moon Zombie was not capable to carry a film way she was supposed to in that you could have just replace that one piece and that film could have been a green arrow but blom decided it wasn't good enough for wide release it got three hundred theaters made one point five million dollars on a one point five million budget sent zombies career scrambling his next film twenty-six I mean he had to crowd fund it thirty one and for one point five million he made a film that's probably the closest to house of one thousand corpses Imagine doc if you will I'm guessing you haven't seen this either imagine the running man with House of one thousand corpses Type Gore so he's has different people he has to face and they have to get through each is people to win a contest till live okay Sheri Moon Zombie and several other Carney's that she is on the road with get kidnapped by Malcolm McDowell and put in this Leviathan in which they are hunted by clowns who tried to murder them okay the thing about that movie is the characters were good not like the Carney's but like the different levels of characters like the daily as a crazy sex addicted sex head with her Swedish Tall Weird Guy Death in the characters were good but the movie itself Okay Yeah sure I think it's fine I think it's a fun throwback Richard Brake is in that film that'd be talking about him he is a Shining Star of that movie his opening monologue is still incredible so I think that might be his second best film but Obviously Zombie was shall we say in a rebuilding mode after lords of Salem I also think he lost his ambition after lords of Salem say what L. About Halloween to embarrass he tried some shit without white horse and the ghosts and everything else going on it didn't work but he cried he swung for the fences and struck out sure lords of Salem he swung for the fences and fouled now I feel like he's just on autopilots I think thirty one had very little creativity to it and now back to three from hell why are we back at three from Hell I've heard two different stories both from Rob Zombie himself the first was that Lionsgate came to him and said we want another Devil's rejects filmed would you like to do it and he got together with Sherry who he's married to so that wasn't a big phone call honey come down to the garage please I gotTa talk to you about something the garage for God's sake I wanna talk to about something thank you oh my God how hard is that fine here we go that's how it really way but sharee and Bill Moseley and said Hey got together and Zombie was like what do you guys think because it's really the four of them are the heart of the franchise now the other thing I heard Zombie say is that he went to lions gate with it after lords of Salem.

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