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Welcome to this episode of talking points I'm your host Brian Kelly the point sky and today we have our first ever CEO of an airline Alliance Jeff We go to CEO of Star Alliance Star Alliance is the largest alliance that is if you're counting by most metrics and we caught up with him at the Apex Expo. Conference that brings together thousands of travel industry professionals to share insights into the latest airline technology products and services all for those of us who need those trumpers in the sky 2019 marked their fortieth anniversary and this year apex one all out in downtown la inviting reps from nearly a hundred airlines with panels led by experts from across the globe including yours truly we got to join in on the fun and do some product testing and I got to sit down with top exist from several airlines all talking points on this episode Jeffrey go from Star Alliance and I talk about where he thinks their biggest scalp and coverages we have some markets okay we don't have a home carrier Australia and the market is Russia perhaps we don't have a member go also shares details about new concepts for star alliance lounges wanted to deliver is the local while experience and how Jeffrey's background in law and working in pretty much every department at star Alliance helped him move up the rent thanks to becoming CEO my specialty became European Aviation Mall Jeffrey go the CEO of Star Alliance. That's ahead on this episode of talking points right after this Jeffrey thank you so much for joining us today in my pleasure to be here so Jeffrey let's talk about what the alliance is so frequent flyer perspective star alliance great when I fly on of Janka icon credit my miles to united and you know there's lots of different agreements so it's a group of partnerships between airlines but is the alliance at its core a for profit company while indeed where commercial set up in a way you know I'll vision is really to full one is to drive profitability for members were individually it is more of a challenge for them to do and at the same time to drive better customers experience and delivering loyalty from the customers but I will say that the loyalty kind of the frequent flyer programs that you can refer to isn't just the key opposition of in the lion's clearly it is it's very important for our customers it is today and they are being treated as if they were flying with an airline earn a new burners were within the alliance but I knew the proposition for the alliance as much more than that it is also the forum that enables bad customer experience and you know look into the future it is about similar business seamless customer experience seamless for customers not only in the physical sense that is traditionally understood that you come to the curb of a Apple Terminal and then you go through the airport terminal in a seamless manner right up to the aircraft we are also very excited and interested in living what I call transactional Simla snus and from a loyalty perspective for example you could be sitting on a million miles and end it's not a problem going online to your channel of choice and asking for your mouse to be redeemed on flights for upgrades and so on but you typically will every challenge if you then wanted to go outside the airline to which you belong or the program to which you belong and say I want a four tickets for my husband and two kids and is between two cities where the airline of your choice doesn't fly and in the past you have to pick up the phone and call a call center and Gina someone picks up the phone eleven minutes you're waiting and tells you that well I'm sorry on the twenty first of September there's no visibility for the two CDs that you inflicted and what do you do you didn't say well okay let me go home and discuss with domestic media call back again tomorrow and you wait again in Q. and then they tell you well they're only the gets under the new date that you want what we have done is that transactional seamlessness is to give the control of the experience back in the hands of the customers where you stay on your channel of choice United Dot Com it could be calm and you literally transact if you're buying tickets by inputting your origin in your destination and the date of travel in class travel in the number of tickets you want and you'll see entire inventory within the alliance of anyone who flies between that point A. and point B. and you decide whether you want to fly these airline or that airline where the US pay so much Texas and so little Texas and so many miles there are required and you even decide if you're going to do this on your cell phone and your ipad on a laptop you can decide to do this on a bus you can decide to do this bathroom you can decide to do this in the office you the customer in this case has the choice in terms of controlling his or her experience that is kind of one means of trying to deliver what I call the transactional seamlessness for the customers star lines availability for example shows differently on Arrow plan than it does united than does life miles because accessing the same kind of inventory do you have a standard that has to be said for all the member airlines in terms of how they present all of that inventory because it is a lot of data with twenty eight airlines seven yeah display of the data or the kind of showing customer what's available in terms of inventory I ain't technologies that assaulted problem and it has really solved that problem I think what you're referring to more is in relation to availability the industry traditionally has as specified plusses of travel as it were a booking classes that are assigned for redemption purposes. So you know to.

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