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The good news podcast. The other host the good news podcast is your source for Good News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing all of this goodness to you from the cards against humanity studios in Chicago I'm GonNa give you some good news about fruits and vegetables. Are you ready. I love fruits and vegetables vegetarian. Oh Humble Brag So I'm GonNa give you some good scientific news about it. Grip the fruits and vegetables. So you know this. I know this a fruits and vegetables are good for our body healthy for the body when in Colleen said that she sort of she ran her hand down like the profile of her body Vanna White. There's more good news about fruits and vegetables so Dr Neil Ocean ice name. I know I know it's my name plus a cooler shame. It's good so Dr. Neil Ocean of the University of Leeds in England has been doing studies on fruits and vegetables and the benefit they can give to our actual mental house so not only are physical health through his studies. He has proven or at least hypothesizing with a lot of evidence that eating more fruits and vegetables can help our mental health and one of the biggest findings is if you add just one extra portion of fruits and and vegetables to your daily routine. The effects that it has on our mental wellbeing on our mental wellbeing is about eight extra days of walking a month. Whoa yeah so when I hear that I think my mental wellbeing is probably like stress unhappiness related shares? I would love to have eight eight extra extra days. Would you say eight days of walking a month full days an extra like ten minutes okay. Great like a like like a walk around the block eight times. That's perfect. I guess I can't speak for everybody but for me if I am physical and I'm taking a walk or doing doing some sort of exercise I just feel more at peace mentally I feel like a bit more centered and things you know. The world doesn't seem so chaotic to me. So if I can you do that with vegetables. Okay let's do it all right. Where's that Broccoli hard pass on the Broccoli? I like an eggplant. I love you know what I live. Brussels sprouts I. It's funny you say these specific vegetables because in my head I was only imagining in raw so I was thinking like a big old carrot. I'm well you know. They say the more raw vegetable. The more nutrients are going right atrium packed. So if you can do it rod do it right. I mean that's how I eat my disgusting. Wow that's how I mean my eggplant. You do not do not Komo on like an apple no you. Don't be serious you ever been. Have you ever been in my house. Yes well there's there's eggplant carcasses everywhere everywhere. You don't eat raw egg plant so as a vegetarian what do you. What do you like vegetables? Fruits are easy. I mean how do you not like a fruit. Yeah but vegetable is where I would say there are actually. I know this is going to sound crazy but I think they're probably more fruits. I don't like then there are vegetables like I mean I couldn't i. I'm not super interested in an orange or Clementine or a peach or nectarine like I stone for its. Don't do a ton for me things with peels. I don't like Grapefruit Peel Gilbert or is it the. There's too much pith you know. Like you've really got chomp down on a piece of Clementine and then I'm like do I spit it out. ordway eat it l.. Leaving the white part. Yeah like the meat. After you've gotten kind of the good stuff out. Just eat the whole thing. Yeah sounds that's awful. Okay how have we we have we been hoodwinked by the citrus. I love being in these conversations with you because it's just like how. How did this happen? And I've never heard anybody laid that be their complaint. How is it not everyone's compiling you eat like this big old piece of Orange Orange? Yeah and then in your mouth you have this like film e stringy like a condom of old orange in your and when you put it like that. It's awful and we're just expected to just eat it up. Say Okay. So you're a watermelon apple pear. Oh pairs art mark. Send Me To pair Ville Baby. On Fair I'm writing it the pair train Choo Choo Grapes. All aboard grips are survey. I think grapes are sweeter than they are flavorful. Yeah so I feel like I don't know what I'm eating. I think I'm pickier about it. Fruits and vegetables. You'd be hard pressed to feed me vegetable. I wouldn't be interested in a sweet potato loves. We need all day long. Brussels sprouts are so flipping. Good they're so good. I like Aubergine. What is that? I think it's Zucchini. Harry covert green beans. Can you think of one that you think I wouldn't eat. I don't know if you I feel like this. These are pretty these are either. You love them are you. Don't peppers I'm not a huge pepper person. I'll like a pepper. I did a pepper like an apple. I did yeah well. I'd I'd eat an onion like an apple. WHOA okay all right? That's a topic of conversation in my house. As how much raw onion I will wait. Wait is that you actually do like. You'll like pull the skin of an onion and just eat it. But if I'm chopping up onions take cauliflower love it I like color romanesque. Oh what what is that. It's like the the more spiral shaped version of cauliflower kind of inbetween cauliflower and Broccoli. It's so oh cool. Looks Really Really Neat. I know that Kale is Kinda hip. And I like cal. Girls Greg. All kinds of CAL dragon kill. I like lettuce. Let us let s like butter lettuce. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news. Awesome or maybe WanNa tell a joke or idea. That's amazing. Email us at good news at cards against humanity DOT COM or. Leave us a voicemail seven seven three two one seven zero one five six you can also tweet us at the good news pod and if you love the good news podcast review us on itunes. We'd appreciate it. Most of our music is by putting their same place. Same Time Tomorrow Laura..

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