Silverhawk Aviation Academy Helps Combat National Pilot Shortage


As you get on a plane this holiday season instead of being the passenger you might consider a career in flying that aircraft almost bright Calvert tells us there are plenty of jobs as well as a new opportunity for veterans according to the Federal Aviation Administration there are thirty percent fewer pilots than there were three decades ago airlines are feeling the pinch as there's more demand for air travel and fewer pilots to go around if you are interested in becoming a pilot or joining the aviation industry doing now because the jobs that need flight instructor Chad Morris at his school silver hawk aviation academy they have a one hundred percent job placement rate among graduates director of student affairs unleashes Sweeney when a student comes through all they have to do is go get their aviation medical and then once that's done we have some paperwork we go through and then you're ready to start training these days it just specially easy to get your commercial pilot's license if you are a veteran chain can go through training and not have to spend any money out of pocket thanks to the veterans administration our flight instructor would know he was once fresh out of the military being a veteran and just separating from active duty that was a really scary time for me and my family so this program being as easy as that was just made a life so much better Chad's program in Idaho teaches future helicopter pilots there are other veteran training options and other flight schools throughout the northwest you know you hear all the time thank you for your service but this feels like a real names you for the twelve years I started to do the name

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