Hong Kong protesters outraged over LeBron's China comments


NBA superstar lebron James is catching grief in Hong Kong for comments he made about the decision of the Houston Rockets general manager to tweet support for protest in that city correspondent Clayton Nevil explains the program on Christy protests in Hong Kong have been going on for months but were thrust back into the headlines with the tweet for rockets GM Daryl Morey the tweet read a fight for freedom stand with Hong Kong outrage followed leaders in business is in China furious many companies are spending their relationship with the league NBA commissioner Adam silver apologized for any hard feelings but said he wouldn't disappoint Maury for speaking his mind in would deal with the consequences it's not something we expected to happen I think it's it's unfortunate if that works for the consequences as out of us that hearing to our values we still feel it's critically important we hear to those values internal Bron James with a different tone angering another crown the protesters the LA Laker star spoke this week about the ramifications of free speech we all

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