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Could not be more excited about this particular match up you know we talk about what I want to see out of battles me this Guy Ray I wanna see Contra asked of styles I wanna see to roughly matched characters fighting each other who aren't exactly the same we've talked before on this show many times sick and tired of the pedantic Green Arrow versus Hawkeye battle I'll always go back to his just who cares they're both the same dude yawn yawn bar Searle Wretch I'm over it what I wanna see is an ancient Vampire Count Dracula versus the cybernetic hero from the future org these are two class of styles but still very very compelling as a match up the this matchup reminds me of the first. UFC days where you would have you know the karate master versus the Kung Fu master or the jets jitsu versus the shoot fighter this one each of these characters clearly stays within their lane Cyborg doesn't dabble in the supernatural and I really don't think Dracula kind of goes over to the technological outside either I don't think he's ordering stuff on Amazon now that's he's definitely not neuberger either no no no no now to kind of help us with this debate we needed the think outside the box for judges and ray you had a great suggestion to bring someone in who when you think of contracting styles you think if someone who can kind of wrap their heads around the cultural impact of each character you brought up someone's name why thought was absolutely genius you can you can go ahead and Gush your guts out because what you're trying to say here's we needed somebody a little smarter for this episode and that's what I got for you definitely smarter than you and I and I think that's exactly what we got it's not saying it's not I know I I'm not saying doc I'm just not saying that you're smart and joining us in an amazing amazing actor comedian and voice over artists is Rama Blurry rumour accused of being on the show thank you for having me I didn't realize I was GONNA get buttered up so quickly at the beginning of the show well of course we're getting buttered up by James He wants something from you Aka Torri in this battle are you saying you don't want anything from me right I'm just saying I'll deserve it when I get it okay so you're willing to accept whatever my judgment is by the end I'm fact you look great today that out very very attractive man really James when I said let's bring someone smart maybe even genius intellect in the studio it wasn't actually needing for the person to be so gosh darn handsome but here we are well here we are and I'm I'm already tallying in my head I can't tell you who's winning this flatter off yet yet rabbi they'll tell you I I gotTa Tell You you're very successful active done a lot with your voice over career you're in a number of nationally and internationally syndicated commercials correct you know for different companies you're absolutely amazing I'm GonNa just ask you the question everyone else's thinking right now how are you friends with Ray I appeared on another podcast of raise knowing is half the podcast a great show that rates show and I linked to the three people on that show yeah it was here breath with the fabulous Mr Clark Chan and everyone's friend Eileen Eileen Mary O'CONNELL judge the muppets versus sesame street battle on the WHO would win six one of our favorites yep so I met I met Ray there and was wild by his podcasting acumen but also his passion for purely obscured or pop cultural Ephemera so when he asked if I would do this I said yes and then when he told me what the battle was I said Oh hell yeah very cool so what is your experience within geek culture because very often we have judges that have such a great background to them that we sometimes forget to say like hey by the a sheer he really is into this because they were they do how are you into Geek culture well first off I wear glasses so that got me eh into it very early I read compulsively I just finished my eighth book of the year and the year of the year and that includes graphic novel doesn't things some recommended to me by Mr Clark Chan I consume a lot of media and between the written word art nick cartoons as voiceover guy doing cartoons and video games and things I'm paying attention to everything going on because this is a fun visit a fun learning lesson for anybody who wants to do voices if you do impressions and I do a lot of impressions you have to realize that if you do a bad impression it becomes a character but if you do a good impression understand somebody else might do it too so the key example is this Alan tutic everybody loves Allen to one of the most underrated absolutely Kazan firefly's amazing he's easing everything death at a funeral he was one of my favorite parts of that he took the voice of Ed Wynn Vaudeville performer win famously in Mary poppins the laughing uncle off the table forever now I loved I loved doing this man's voice it was just so much on yet we're still in the middle of Shock Tober James you've been having a very shall we say successful shock Tober so far I have I've I'd like to say that I had to work really hard to get to wins in the month of shocked over the reality is I did not have to work that hard at all I didn't even research either character I just came to the show because you are a liar who was filled with lies actually researched the hell out of I hope I can say that in shock to over the heck out of both characters they were close matches by the a ray did will was there and I somehow pulled out the victory for both so I am in in crisis mode right now because I love this matchup I love Dracula vs Cyborg and look I cannot allow Cyborg to win this battle the idea that I could be facing a skunk for the entire month of shocked HCT sickens and appalls me in I'm not trying to influence your decision in any way Rama you still have to make the right decision you still have to make the right decision for you and family well see here's the thing ray as the impartial judge here I have to rule with my mind and not with my heart so you're pleading as moving may be as heartbreaking as it may be that you are putting up a goose egg this month I can't promise you a victory I can't I have to listen to the facts argued I want is for you to hear arguments and make the correct decision that's all if if every judge did that I would have a ninety five percent win percentage on the show well I gotTa Tell You James Your silence so far in your willingness to just plead the facts and all this is going to be a very dragnet performance I'm interested in just the facts ray all right just the fact enough all right well then let's waste no more time reduce the honors and announced as matchup representing the DC universe the manso metal he irons his clothes with his but cyborg doc and representing the Marvel Universe the count who will dig through the ditches burn through the witches and slamming the back of my dracula thank you okay I'll make a note about it we'll make a note about it before we go any further let's go over the official rules about who would win matched I roll number one each debater will be able to make three points rule number two the WHO would win matches a random encounter in neutral location with neither combatant necessarily knowing anything about their opponent or having any time to prepare part will number three the exact version the character has to be specifically stated so rare which version of Dracula you're using this is such a tough decision there are so many iterations of dragon in this world but I felt that since you assuredly are taking comic book version of Cyborg it would behoove me to take the powers feats and whatnot of the a six one six Marvel Marvel version of dracula gay that kind of scares me a little bit because that's in my opinion the most powerful form DRACULA in popular culture so it's Kinda what's being known as what People Know About Dracula these days I felt anymore right that's true okay well I will be using when did it become a New Yorker right now are you filled with a certain level of bombast when you get to the Mike you lean in and then you start projecting on Amazon by Taibbi and Hashtag who would win rate please give us the DETAILS ON DRACULA COUNT DRACULA is a powerful vampire who first appeared in the eighteen ninety seven brands Tokar Novel Dracula. Today's version of this iconic character is the marvel iteration who first appeared in historical suspense number seven in Nineteen fifty one then was rebooted in Tomb of Dracula number one in nineteen seventy two the newer version was made by Gerry Conway as well as Gene COLAN DRACULA'S PERHAPS THE MOST famous vampire of all time sorry twilight kids owing to the era a free to use characters in Comic Books Dracula makes her a formidable monster or overlord ending on the needs of the Story Dracula has a host of vampiric abilities including

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