How Are Maine Coons Different From Other Cats?



Friendly intelligent and huge. Maine coon's are rugged longhaired cat breed. That's become a favourite of Phelan fans everywhere from the breeds mysterious origins to its oddly dog like behavior Maine coon's. Aren't your average everyday house cats first off. They're the largest of all domesticated cat breeds. They gain as much as two pounds. That's about a kilogram per month during their growing cycle which ends at about four years of age which which is more than quadruple the maturity time of other breeds well most adult cats way about seven pounds. That's around three kilos. Maine coon male cats tip the scales up to twenty five pounds or eleven kilos females typically weigh in at about twenty pounds or nine kilos. Maine coon's are also some of the world's longest domesticated. It'd cats in terms of physical link as well as in terms of time since domestication both male and female. Maine coon's typically reach up to forty inches. That's a meter for in length from their noses to the tips of their bushy tails and although the main coon is often regarded as America's first domesticated breed. It's ancestry is shrouded in mystery jury advances in genetic testing could help identify the Maine coon's ancient relatives which may have accompanied the Vikings on their exploratory voyages. There is one origin story you however that may have resulted in the breed's distinctive name Captain Charles Kuhn kept longhaired cats on board when he sailed from England to New England ports during the late seventeenth seventeen in early eighteen hundreds legend has it that when Kuhn anchored his ship in New England ports his cats would slip away to mate with local felines although it is is steeped in speculation this long-standing folk story purports that these long haired Kitten or referred to as coon's cats the Maine coon's origins may be Murky Erkki but its future looks clear in nineteen eighty-five the main coon was declared the official state cat of Maine and as twenty eighteen the main coon was the fifth most popular breed in the United States a Maine coon even had a pivotal role in the Harry Potter films as Mrs Norris The pet cat of Custodian Mr Filch her claim to fame besides starring starring in one of the hottest film franchises of all time was stopping on command as she paced the halls of hogwarts. Many Maine coon's can be trained the way that you train a dog this intelligent and eager to please breed exhibits a few doglike tendencies such as following their owners between rooms and the capacity to and interested in responding well to training with the assistance of training techniques like using a clicker that makes a clip indistinct sound followed by treats. A Maine coon's behavior can be harnessed though despite popular perceptions options just about any cat can be trained using these tools if you keep at it and that training can help keep house cats stimulated satisfied and physically fit. Most cats have an aversion to getting wet but not so Maine coon's equipped with water resistant for these be lines. Don't mind taking a bath are known for joining humans in the shower the even go for a swim for example tizzy a five year old. Maine coon from Pennsylvania made headlines for taking laps in her family's swimming pool something she likes to do on a regular racists during the summer months and in two thousand and four a Maine coon named a little nicky became the first pet animal to be cloned commercially after Little Nicky died at the age of seventeen his Dallas. Area owner paid fifty thousand dollars to have little nicky's. DNA transplanted into an egg cell. A surrogate mother cat carried the embryo and Walla a kitten similar in appearance and personality too Little

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