Her next film would be less politically enlightening


Through this experience jane came to realize what had and had not happened with the civil rights movement while she had been away in france her next film would be less politically enlightening but it would do more for her career than anything had yet barefoot in the park was another comedy based on a play starring jane as a young bride having trouble adjusting to married life but this one was a major hit it opens in may 19 sixty seven and became paramount's highest grossing movie of the year lockyer ray and hurry sundown were both released the same month too bad reviews and negligible box office but barefoot was such a sensation that it didn't matter after making fourteen films and seven years jane fonda was finally perceived by hollywood as a major bankable star but this didn't mean what it would have meant the beginning of her film career the studio system as her father had known it was over she saw how her brother had built his own stardom by working on movies that excited him with rebels like roger cormon their latest collaboration that trip made independently for just two hundred thousand dollars joined barefoot in the park on the list of the top 20 biggest box office hits of the year cognizant that there was now starting to be more than one way to be a movie star instead of staying in hollywood to capitalize on the huge success of barefoot in a crippled industry that was still figuring out how to get back on its feet.

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