Previously in conversation with french people about the war in vietnam


Previously in conversation with french people about the war in vietnam jane had reflexively defended america she couldn't imagine her country doing anything wilfully wrong this was naive but the position of french people was equally skewed by nationalism and the not at all distant experience of losing vietnam as a french colony jane's point of view changed when she was stuck in bed during her pregnancy and started watching television coverage of the war for the first time the european television coverage showed american pilots indiscriminately bombing civilian targets when she was strong enough to get out of bed jane went with simone senior aide to an antiwar rally in paris this was as close as jane could get to being in the streets of the us protesting america's involvement in vietnam as an american on american soil it just made her wanna get closer around the same time through her ex stepmother's suzanne jane meant a gee i named dick perrin who was against the warned vietnam and who was active in an organization called her rita or resistors inside the army perrine had given jane a book the village of ben sook by jonathan shell perrine had told jane that when she read it she would understand why he felt that it was his duty to speak out against what the us military was doing and vietnam jane read it and she did understand what she understood from authors shells account of the bombing of the titular village in an event known as operation cedar false was that us military brass his goal seemed to be to obliterate the viet cong with no concern for the large numbers of vietnamese civilians whose lives would be irreparably damaged or taken away by the destruction of their farms and infrastructure.

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