Air with i have a really sweet movie coming out


Yes it qualifies me for this job i a truly can't thank you enough for spending spent fun she some of your sunday with us again what is next there i am deby as i am among fools full air with i have a really sweet movie coming out in november cold last flag flying glad her movie yeah there's already ridiculous oscar buzz so now that you've been nominated yes you're premiering september twenty eight at the new york film festival and attached to that maybe it's just a ballistic company behind that premier but attached to that is already a few things some people have seen the film apparent parents i don't know i i saw the movie and aids it's really lovely it's with steve carell laurence fishburne myself yeah three buds remember last detailed sure back in the seventh there this was rickel originally uh by der upon us in who wrote the last detail and it was written as a as a foul of sorts yeah and but nicholson's retired and randy quaid went crazy same characters it russell in what what richard linklater did was keep the same mood youths kids same sensibilities same relationship same task that they now have thirty years after that but the character names are different so it's not it's not a a sequel to it in their life detail of course or taking him to your is into prisons the military prison they're both uh the uh the police.

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