You want to go to hollywood that's on tv

2 Dope Queens


Uh i i from seattle washington which i love yes seattle washington as bucking dope i love seattle i live in la now i love la because i feel like going to comedy shows no way is the only place you can go to see your favorite actors from car commercials read their own tweets on stage like an immense pretty dope and my parents came to visit me recently and my mom was like i want to go to hollywood i want to go to hollywood no cigna who don't you want to go to hollywood that's on tv the hollywood that's on tv is in canada the hollywood that's here is located at the end of a series of bad decisions like it's not the same but i did i took her to hollywood and fined because i love her and was going to do say now and so we got there and she saw all the characters and she got really excited because my mom likes to make friends and she was saying oh my god is that optimal oh my god is that spite man is that i wanna take a picture with elmo and i was like do you have elmo money.

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