Canada; Worries about shortage of important drugs


Sanders is very familiar with the visit Canada drill he started medical caravans from his home state Vermont back in nineteen ninety nine Sanders use the opportunity this time to stress that Canada has controls on pharmaceuticals that drive down prices ones that also drive up literally the queen nice rooms to Canada to buy them but this latest trips have struck a nerve nice from has gotten slams by Canadians on social media for taking their medications the biggest criticism as they believe that we are going to create a shortage shortages are already an issue even at the very pharmacy that nice from and Sanders visit the old Walkerville pharmacy why hello hi this is Jon hi good morning yes it is pharmacist John Gerdes was bringing people up at the register that day like it was good because you know they were very happy and grateful with insulin an issue for you to provides of people that you would normally expect coming into your pharmacy we do our own issues with drug shortages but in doing so far has not been one of them Curtis and other say insolence not actually under threat of running out it's a very basic drug but he does worry because other medicines are getting scarce blood pressure medication from diabetes medication does have gone missing and Canada pharmacies get their drugs through a central ordering system but lately some drugs have become unavailable shortages aren't unique to Canada but hospitals and patients across the country are nervous that a growing US appetite for their drugs could make things worse Joe Walker is with the Canadian pharmacist association one of our biggest concerns is with exacerbating drug shortages in Canada not being able to respond to the demands of both Canadian patients as well as American patients a total of fifteen hospital patient and pharmacy groups have issued a letter urging the Canadian government to protect their drug supply here's the reason for U. S. states have passed measures that would make it a lot easier to import drugs wholesale from Canada and to order them online and last week the White House announced plans to make doing just that easier enter hill is a pharmacology fellow at Liverpool university in the UK he says any unexpected surge in demand can put a strain on manufacturers so you can get drunk shoes to choose sometimes because health source he doesn't order the right amount and suddenly it won't smoke more truck the pharmaceutical industry is totally against price controls they say it's a disincentive to developing new therapies and some companies have simply stopped making some inexpensive trucks that have been around for decades but hill is wary of the idea that lower drug prices could create shortages you look at the systems in the United Kingdom and across Europe which replaces the four times lower than the United States but we still able to produce is supplied is trucks very reliably cannot US population is about the size of California it only makes up two percent of the global drug market so what's this potential mass exportation of drugs from Canada that some health advocates really fear it's not the caravans of patients making the occasional trip across the border Gwen nice from the Minnesota in with diabetes who leads some of these strips can attest on our second trip we had a free fifty five passenger bus going from Minneapolis all the way to London Ontario okay we have fifteen people on that bus they couldn't fill the seats she says people

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