Minkah Fitzpatrick Wants Out Of Miami


Patriots are so scary with Antonio Brown around that Dolphin cornerbacks are asking to be traded before they have to play on Sunday. minkah Fitzpatrick is has requested and received permission to find a trade somewhere the dolphins would like a first round pick and I'm curious to God's which one do you think is more likely to happen this week at the dolphins lose like that again right or Lamar Jackson and looks like that again because a lot of people are diluting the Lamar Jackson performance because it happened against the Miami Dolphins and a lot out of quarterbacks in that league could play very well if you don't apply any pressure in the dolphins did not apply any pressure throughout that game because they've got a defensive line with a total of before this game of five and a half career sacks for the entire defensive line but which do you think is more likely because the dolphins opens have never given up that many points regular season game and the Ravens had never scored that many in a regular season game and if you believe that the dolphins looking like that again as a possibility fifty nine to ten you're looking at the worst team we've ever seen if they could lose two consecutive home

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