Second Israeli Election Shows No Clear Winner


Results for the country's country's second election in six months which took place yesterday so far show no signs of a clear winner current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yeah who off the Lakers policians rival Ben Against of the century St- blue and white opposition party look to be neck and neck according to polls yesterday day Daniel Appellate join us to tell us where all this might be going. She's back today to continue to try and help us work. That's out one facing seems clear. It'll be going slowly so Daniele. What's the latest well the latest is that the the way the votes of lander is not that dissimilar to what happened in April once again? It seems that Abdul Lieberman will once again be the kingmaker in April he refuse to sit in government unless the ultra Orthodox were forced to serve in the army this perennial one of the perennial themes of Israeli politics takes and it looks like I think he has nine seats right now. It looks like he will be in a similar position. Logically you might look at the the way the numbers rack up because of cushion Israel doesn't matter who wins who becomes the largest party at Hugh can form a coalition you would think that Likud and the blue white posse could it's with another couple of centuries. Even Center left Parties Form Coalition. That seems very unlikely. I don't see Netanyahu agreeing to serve in a government l. From last he's prime minister similar leap any counts once the the top job but just how the numbers will work. How is really anybody's guess housing -nificant is this election results for the Middle East more widely what you think so well I guess it depends and how it turns out? I mean at the moment we have a stalemate clearly. If the coalition building process were to be a bit more radical and involve the Arab Israeli parties in the joint list it might look very different but there seems to be very little chance chance of that so one assumes that the coalition building process will be more or less business as usual we have a very similar story in Spain of course and it seems we get into this endless cycle of elections that are unable to break the empath Daniela. What does Benjamin Netanyahu's position look no? Let's remember that he called a snap election in April because he failed to form a coalition. What do you think he's thinking now? He's gamble did not pay off and various various tactics used to try and ensure that he would get a larger part of the vote for instances usual warnings about Arabs turning out now and the falsifying elections actually leads much higher our turnout in these elections rather desperate measures by saying that he was going to declare sovereignty over the settlements in the settlement blocks that in particular eight were either and his his colleagues in in Likud. I'm sure now a scenting weakness and thinking. How can we get rid of him? I'm actually play a part in in the next government but I think it raises a very good point which I think says quite low about the state of Israeli Moxie the moment we have the third largest party in the Knesset the the joint list the party or coalition which represents the political interest of a full twenty percent of the population and it's absolutely I quote absurd for Israeli politicians to think of forming a coalition elation ahead of the elections. Everyone ruled out. We've seen as loveable so that really says something about where we are in terms of representative democracy and the other thing that we can notice how where Israeli democracy has gone for the last ten fifteen years ten fifteen years ago I've seen and and what he described as far right his politics were seen as slightly outside the consensus and really extreme now is the centrist of the center on again the the guy who's going to be making the decisions and the election so the results will be will be clear hopefully later today. What what do you think about this final question for for you? Are we going to see another election anytime soon. Well it's very likely the next one what they won't be for before January or February and the joke going around. I'll say issue is really social. Media is that you know you get the day off the election in Israel and it's not gonna be beach weather. I think people are upset about that. Can I just add one thing I mean the shadow of US politics hangs very heavy over Israeli politics and clearly as long as donald trump is in the White House it's very difficult to see a big change there but of course there is an election in the US in just over a year towing worthy Democrats to win it with the progressive candidate. I think is really politics might start to look quite different degree Daniela well. I mean I think we we we look at Israel Palestine in exactly those terms from the occupation Palestinian dependence the problem is the incentive is internal Israeli politics. It really doesn't feature anymore. The majority of Israelis from right to left center Zantac think the occupation as a necessary eat rosary evil perhaps can be made a little bit better but do not see a solution with the sovereign in Palestine as the angle well. Let's continue now to the

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