Julian Castro: Like most Americans, I don't know what to believe anymore


Me now is democratic presidential candidate and former hud secretary houlihan castro secretary castro. I want to ask you about president trump and his decision to at least temporarily call off peace talks with the taliban at camp david. You've said you want to withdraw. US troops from afghanistan. What do you make of it all. This is another bizarre episode jake for two reasons first of all. I i think like most americans. I don't know what to believe anymore. That comes out of the mouth or the tweet of this president folks will remember that just a few days ago a he said that he had been in touch with china apparently in order to try and calm the markets and staff later said that that wasn't the case and and <hes> the way he tweeted this out still looking for confirmation that an actual physical trip to camp david was planned <hes> but if it was if it had been planned that's bizarre as well because even though i do support a negotiated political settlement there that will increase stability and make sure that afghanistan is not used as a base of terrorist operations. It's very odd odd to invite a terrorist organization like that to camp david. That's not in keeping with the way that the united states negotiates <hes> and i draw a straight line between this and the fact that he has elevated kim jong hoon with three summits now even though in the first summit the singapore summit kim jong hoon promise that north korea would give to the united states and inventory of its weapons so that we could use that as the basis for future negotiations. They never did that and still at the same time there was a second summit and a third summit on so this is the worst president when it comes to negotiating. I think that we've had in a very long time. It's another bizarre episode. It's more of his erratic behavior that people are tired tov and that's one of the reasons. I believe that he's going to lose in two thousand twenty. The president has spent a lot of time in the last week trying to insist that his tweet a week ago today today in which he told people in alabama and other states but the incorrect information was alabama that the storm hurricane during was going to hit them much harder than had been predicted. That was not true. According to the experts at the time the national oceanic and atmospheric administration put out a statement i think on friday which disputed its own scientists and weather experts backup. The president's claim that alabama would likely be hit much harder than anticipated. What did you think of that look. Those organizations are supposed to be independent neutral all scientific organizations that don't play politics. That's what we want them to be under the trump administration whether it's them or it's folks will remember the national park service after the national park service on the very first day of this administration they put out that photo that showed that his crowd size at the inauguration was not what he claimed and he tried to browbeat then <hes> this is a president that steps all over <hes> the the traditional role of chief executive when it comes to these organizations and what happens is you compromise the trust that supposed what's the exists between their work and the american public and so it's a real embarrassment yeah. I wish i could say that. I hope this president is going to not do that again. Dan but again it's it's the same radic behavior destructive behavior <hes> that is <hes> d- professionalizing the the government of the united states of america and turning us into a banana republic little by little.

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