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If you want to jump in eight four four two two zero zero ninety six five you can tax the show two one two three two we just read through attacks that received last week we've already been getting a couple tax in the let's talk future already again it's coming into two one two three two. in my name's Michael Clarke certified financial planner sitting here with Troy outright dot yes what's the one question you beginning a lot this week okay I I I like to bring something to the table that is happening currently okay so for months now the rates have been dipping dipping dipping so people coming out going Hey I need let's get ready to do it to do something whether to refinance or purchase so here's the question I receive several times this week it's and don has as well his office is next to mine. if you get the phone calls a referral usually from a realtor or past client in the client's says and I'm reading it right here right down there it with our **** where do I start I'm just not sure what to do I'd like to buy my first home Kerr believes people running they live at home whatever it may be

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