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Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy And Roberts discussed on WBBM Programming


Fifty on the C. B. S. news weekend roundup here's correspondent Steve Dorsey another Kennedy has died this time at the storied family compound on Cape Cod Robert F. Kennedy's granddaughter Sir sure Kennedy hill died Thursday afternoon at the family's compound in Hyannis port Massachusetts her family released a statement saying our hearts are shattered by the loss of our beloved Sir shot her life was filled with hope promise and love she was the daughter of Roberts and Ethel Kennedy's fifth child Courtney Kennedy hill was due to graduate from Boston College next year in high school she wrote for the school newspaper about her struggle with mental illness this six acre estate is best known for being the summer White House for president John F. Kennedy the death is the latest in a long line of tragedy for the political dynasty president Kennedy and his brother Robert where each assassinated in the nineteen sixties John Kennedy junior and his wife died in a private plane crash in nineteen ninety nine not far from Hyannis port mark Liberman CBS

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