How to Get in Fast on Artificial Intelligence


The invisible brand marketing in the age of automation big data machine learning william william welcome to the show great to be here. Thanks well you say in the book that machines not marketers have become the ultimate arbiters designers and implementing customized tactics tactics that protestant laugh cry vote donate and most importantly bye bye bye. I gotta tell you william that is a scary thought we'd removed from an age where we're seducing consumers to where marketers have to think about seducing algorithms and for the average small business owner they can be very intimidating and what i mean by that is we are in an age where recommendation engines are out there continuously telling consumers what to buy and how to vote and how to think and we as marketers have to understand those recommendation engines have become a middleman in the transaction and if we're not understanding how those algorithms work were missing out on big opportunities. So how did we get there because it just seems like yesterday with a small business owner was concerned about was creating creating a great value proposition to solve your pain and now all of a sudden we have to start thinking about when when i call intelligent automation well i think we're all suffering from a degree degree of panic over future shock and how quickly this stuff happens to us. You know twenty years ago as business owners we were faced with a up brand new technologies search engine optimization right you know google comes out and we've got a now make our products appear in search some of us invested and made money some of us decided that we would sit on the sidelines and not really pay attention to that and we lost and so now today we're faced with a brand new challenge. We got voice based interface interface. It's we're talking to our cars. We're talking to our television sets. We're talking to our phones and using voice consumers are now purchasing things. Are your your small business owners. You know paying attention to that trend and you know the challenge that we face is. How do we invest our time and energy. Where do we put our money and i would say the growth rate of voice user interfaces should tell you that voice is very much like where search engine optimization dacian was twenty years ago. Put money into it because your products and services need to be found using voice ever since i saw that movie her with scarlett scarlett johansson i'm like i want one of those operating systems right and i was one of the first users of alexa and i love using siri because i think it is the most natural way to communicate and it does as you talk about in the book. It creates that emotional connection. That's really such a key element for people buying stuff. I'll give you a quick anecdote. There was a study done recently where participants were asked to involve themselves in conversation with a little robot so they're having a conversation conversation at the end. The test group was told okay now. Turn off the robot in the study group. People were told to turn off the robot and the robot protested it said please don't turn me off. I'm scared of the dark and a shocking number of the study participants refused to turn off the robot why because they were in pathetically relating to that little robot. I was scared of the dark as a little kid therefore i don't wanna do that to somebody else who's scared of the dark and our empathy sympathy our ability to project our own experiences onto an inanimate object that is program to tell us that we're that it scared the dark it it makes us vulnerable because it opens us up to being persuaded by things that are just machines are devices that are programmed to tell us nice things but out empathy largely related to our voice communications is actually opening up to persuasion and marketers need to understand. That's an opportunity. Consumers need to understand that vulnerability. I know whenever tickly bad day william i asked alexa pay me a compliment and she always does and somehow how it makes me feel better. So what should what can a small business owner do in this. This area of <hes> psycho technology with with these is to really take advantage of this trend well small business owners are probably already using artificial intelligence in a couple of ways so using it in search. They're using it in you. Know <hes> ad placement more and more frequently people are using technology like real time bidding to buy ads but areas like customer service chat bots and voice abled customer interactions on <hes> health centers are two additional places where where small businesses are increasingly involving themselves with they. I and i would say also look at your cash register. Your cash register collects a mountain of data. You should be thinking about technologies that allow you to sift that data to look for patterns about your customers and from those patterns you should be able to

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