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Starts out that he's not finally decided he's the joker so he watches every todd phillips movie back a montage where he's hitting old school starsky and hutch road trip hangover hangover to hang hangover three due date. He's hitting them all and then. He's like now funny because i know all of these jokes. Those are all todd fillers movies. Yes okay all todd phillips. I am now honesty. Just going to step out of the bed here for your second to say i travel version and for us to interpret yeah yea i kind of got it that emotion through humor but you got a different sort of literal declaration much like your movie i i don't do humor anymore as the joker batman even appear in this movie i donovan thank batmans in it. He's not in the credit so far as batman. He's not listed as batman. I would love though if i mean we're making it up right. Why can't he kill batman in this one or he just kit. Do watch out 'cause. I bang dead. Joker killer killed batman and this is what d l think jared atlanta is still cut up and send some pranks to the to the set of this joker. He's not he's gonna cut up. Since some deficits deficit's funny jokes in like a tampon or whatever he's so fucking nasty walking to prep for this was all right i gotta go to jared leto pranks goal and jared leto came and kidnapped him in the middle of the night and took into pranked school. It was nice. It's nice. It was obviously a great campus. <hes> the cafeteria havoc area is lovely and they have teachers with real world experience so yeah and you know to ition reasonable joker occur scary if i have seen walking phoenix get pooped on in front moves point.

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