Johnson suspends UK Parliament after latest Brexit defeat


Britain the mother of parliaments has suspended itself a four five weeks. in a session that ram well past midnight. parliament enacted a law to block a no deal brags that next month. order the government to release private communications about its price of plans and rejected the prime minister's call for a snap election to break the political deadlock. and then my friends of parliament was then suspended. at the government's request. until October fourteenth a drastic move. that gives the prime minister Boris Johnson a respite from a belly it rebellious lawmakers as he plots is next move so the prime minister has suspended parliament. do you understand British lawmakers earlier rejected Johnson's request for an election before the country scheduled departure for the from the you. a total of two hundred ninety three of the six hundred fifty house of Commons members backed the proposal well short of the two thirds majority needed opposition lawmakers voted against the measure or abstain. Johnson wanted a snap election October fifteenth just over two weeks before the scheduled October thirty first date for brexit but opposition parties say they won't support an election until Britain has secured a delay to the break to date. about of course to ensure the country doesn't crash out of the block without a deal. parliament has ordered the government to seek an extension if there is no deal by late October but. I'm telling you the prime minister is vowing not to seek it away. now his opponents accuse him of trying to avoid democratic screwed me. Winston Churchill's grandson. was thrown out of the Conservative Party. my friends what is usually a solemn formal ceremony. arrested into Iraq is seen as opposition lawmakers in the house of Commons chamber shouted shame on you. all up signs reading silence. common speaker John Bercow expressed his displeasure at parliament suspension saying this is not a standard or normal procedure. it is one of the longest for decades and it represents an act of executive fiat. now Boris Johnson said the country's delayed exit must happen at the end of October with or without a divorce agreement. many lawmakers fear a no deal breakers it would be economically devastating and are determined to stop him. Johnson replied defiantly I will not ask for another delay. but he has few easy ways out of. is options all of extreme include disobeying the law which could land him in court or even prison and resigning so that someone else would have to ask for a delay. house of Commons also demanded the British government to hand over communications among officials about a decision to suspend parliament and it's no deal brings a plan. lawmakers passed a motion calling on the U. K. to release by Wednesday a formal formal or informal emails and text exchanges between aids and officials relating to suspension as well as the impact of leaving the you you without a deal. you understand that under parliamentary rules the government is obliged to release the

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