Can 5G fix America's broadband problem?

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You're tired of dealing with your cable company five jay could let let you cut ties with them for good. The next generation of wireless technology is coming out and it's rolling out across the world but it's already being touted as a possible replacement for traditional home broadband. The real question is will five j hold up to household use and how you gonna pay for it through the noise. That's the most important question now eli you've been playing around with five jay at home as a kind of replacement for johan broadband. What's your verdict it. I've been using an early version of sprints five g. network which isn't officially live in new york but you can find it in certain spots the right guys if they sell the devices all across the country but in certain areas as as they get ready to turn it on they already are testing it so you can hop onto that network in advancing where i live. There happens to be five g. and it works really well as home broadband <hes>. There's still a lot of things that need to be worked out. <hes> had some issues with xbox netflix on certain devices <hes> but <music> speeds were generally between one hundred to two hundred megabits per second which is on par with what a lot of people get at home. It's actually a little bit faster than the national average last year from i louisville's clo test <hes> so as far as playing games on xbox for streaming four k net flicks browsing the web all the things you use the internet for it was was perfectly fine the real question i think is going to be what would your daughter allowance bay. And how quickly are you going to ban through. That daughter allowed because i was reading a story this morning. You had a great faith drop on saint at about it and talking about streaming show info k for example suddenly you're burning through that daughter reasonably quickly and if you don't have the data cap to match shit doesn't matter what you spades are if you're burning through and then you get kind of type it on your spades. That's going to be why people get annoyed because i was watching a sixty

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