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As usual we wrap things up with the critics corner this week's new arrivals include undone on Amazon unbelievable on Net flicks and American Horror Story Nineteen eighty-four on FX Dan. What's cooking well? I if I had not seen American Horror Story Nineteen eighty-four as if I have said many times I'm looking forward to watching the first few episodes and quitting as usual but I can't tell you if it's better or worse than usual fortunately though there are actually a lot of things things to watch this week and really the main new releases are all pretty good to very good. Unbelievable is Netflix exes this I would say it is complementary to mind hunter. It is to some degree. It's the story of two detectives played by Merit Weaver in Toni Collette investigating a serial rape case. There's also a story line involving Caitlyn deavere as one of the victims potentially of the same serial rapist. Maybe maybe not it is intense and it sounds like it is unpleasant to watch or could could be unpleasant to watch. It is less wallowing than it could be. I would say that the creators Suzanne grants who wrote Erin Brockovich among other things is the primary creator along with a let Waldman and Michael Chaban and it has a really good grasp of tone. It never goes to dark. It has is very good insight into the criminal investigative process what works what doesn't sometimes it's even funny and that has a lot to do with the fact that Moore Weaver in Tony any clutter just wonderful together. It's based on a Pulitzer Prize winning propublica article and I could honestly watch multiple seasons of this or up Toni Collette Leadin Merit Weaver being awesome Caitlyn deavere also awesome. I thought the eighth episode of the eighth. Maybe is a drop in quality. Maybe a little bit more contrived and conventional conventional than the first seven but it's an impressive piece of economical and powerful storytelling then undone which sounds like it should be right. They're also alphabetically which is very important comes from a Raphael Bob Wax Bergen keep purdy who have worked together on Bo Jack Horseman on Netflix. This one is on an Amazon and it is a twisty turny wrote a scoped story about a young woman who becomes unstuck in time and reality after a car the accident and her father voiced by Bob Odenkirk actually played by Bob Odenkirk because that's how wrote a scope works tells her that she has the power to help. nope basically solve the mystery of his death or murder. Main character is played by Rosa Salazar who people will know maybe from alita battle angel or for man seeking woman. She's she's very good. It is not as funny or Quirky as Beau Jack Horsemen but is is visually magnificent the the the rotor scoping technology and the work done by director his Co.. Housing is is stunning to look at. I didn't care about the murder mystery really at all but I love watching this this is this is such a beautiful show to watch and sometimes it's funny. Sometimes it has some big thoughts in its mind. It's Jerry Interesting Are you gonNa Watch either of those two this weekend direction. I actually just started binging elites. I'm probably going to finish that and then I'm hopefully to watch some baseball this weekend. I'm hopefully going to sit out by the pool. That all sounds good if you need a little bit more TV I can also to some degree. Recommend showtimes murderer on the by you. Showtime is getting into the same true. Crime miniseries extended storytelling market that netflix dominated that obviously Amazon has done some. I'm working. A bunch of folks have done it. It's about the investigation into the deaths of young women in a single Louisiana small town. It is full of rather rather mind boggling details miscarriages of justice. It is absolutely difficult to watch. It's a Lotta graphic. Talk about you know people selling their bodies is selling their souls and smoking crack with their parents but it is you're trying to do right there. It doesn't look like it's that exciting small town so apparently you gotta do what you gotTa do it is harrowing but sometimes gripping and mind boggling to watch a lot of pretty good TV to watch this weekend. I would say so there. You

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