Andrew Luck retirement: Here's hoping he finds peace and fulfillment in whatever is next to come


Colts quarterback Andrew luck retiring played six seasons in the NFL he missed all of the twenty seventeen season made one A. F. C. championship games the forty four time pro bowler with zero Super Bowl appearances and there are some people as expected Joe on social media and elsewhere that are calling into like a botched I think he's a disappointment I think that's fair to say but I don't think you can call a guy who was predominately injured and then played well when he was healthy Abbas injure looks kind of like a bill Walton to me now I guess bill Walton did win a couple of championships including one with the Celtics when he was coming off the bench but he had his career defined by injuries I think that's more lock then putting him in that Ryan leaf Johnny Manziel category which I just don't think it's fair at all no no no no no I. V. kebab that would they they got to an AFC championship game he made pro bowls as you mentioned and if you can't shake the injury bug well that's a completely separate topic if you want to call it a disappointment you want to call it one of the great what ifs in sports not just football but just sports you know sometimes I always wonder what would have looked like if Ken Griffey junior could have stayed healthy throughout his entire career in baseball those I think are fair conversations but this business that he is some sort of a bust com on people let's step away from the Twitter machine for a little bit let's get away for that to think this through a little bit before we start talking that noise you know that that were just pops like it's an evocative word it's you have an emotional reaction when you hear it but I I do think that it's disappointing I I think he's one of the most hyped quarterbacks to ever come into the league and to see him with zero Super Bowl appearances on his resume at least for now I keep reminding myself tonight Joe that Andrew luck story may not be quite done here mom because you know twenty nine years old whenever you retire like rob Gronkowski retires similar age you know not not that much older than and you lock in everyone says the same thing just wait until November in ground pool plug himself back into the New England Patriots in here we go so I would not be shocked to see a lot get healthy and come back but tonight certainly he signed it sounded pretty resigned to the S. and like he had given it some serious thought and I imagine I can only imagine how the colts organization feels you know after preparing for a season where they thought they were going to be Superbowl contenders with one of the top G. M. as in the league in Chris Ballard all of a sudden they have Jacoby per set as their starting quarterback after luck made the announcement colts owner Jim Irsay gave his reaction to Andrew luck's retirement right now we're just thankful about what Anders meant to this city I know a lot of a lot of range of emotions go through our fans and and that's a a natural thing that we can all relate to it was something obviously that we are hoping that might be something that that could have went a different direction but if he had a file is hard and and that's what he did and so again we have nothing but gratitude and thankfulness for for the blood sweat and tears you spill the as number twelve and part of our hearts broken and I

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