Daniil Medvedev claims first Masters title in Cincinatti


The world's best men's tennis player at least at this moment is deal medvedev going into last week. The twenty-three-year-old russian had made two consecutive tournament finals here in washington d._c. And then in montreal then this past week in cincinnati he we used huge first and second serves and really solid for hands back ends to beat world number-one electric in the semi finals and divvied viewed goffin in the final to win the biggest title of his career and move up to a career-high number five in the world behind only jovic rafael nidal roger federer and dominic team stephens hero. The eighth ranked stefanos citybus. Thank you is owen foreign his career against gets medvedev seats apostol ben rothenberg last week than medvedev plays sloppy adding. It's good sloppy. He can make you miss without your understanding how you just missed you. Miss shots that you don't mess. That's deep kind of. I watched medvedev in d._c. So i have a good sense of how well the dude is playing but i it didn't know before i saw a pretty oblique tweet on sunday. Is that three years ago medvedev was defaulted from a match on the second tier challenger tour. You're in a match which was played on clay and savannah georgia medvedev. Who was then ranked number. Two hundred sixty in the world was playing donald young young as a black american can player in the first at the chair umpire. A black woman in sandy franch went down to the court to check the ball mark on shot medvedev hit. There was close to the sideline. She called the ball out giving young the point which led medvedev mark. I know that you are friends. I am sure about it. After the game was over french called over tournament supervisor advisor medvedev was quickly defaulted for what the united states tennis association later referred to as questioning the impartiality of the umpire based on her race. There is unfortunately precedent for that incident in two thousand one. Australian lleyton hewitt claimed that a black line judge at the u._s. Open was calling foot-faults on him to to favor hewitt's black opponent american james blake. I've only been foot-faulted of one end. Look at him. Look at him. Look at him. Mate hugh had said look at him. I and you will tell me what the similarity is. Get him off. The court. Look at what he's done. Hewitt was not penalized during a match or afterwards the u._s. Us open tournament director brian earley who you may remember as the guy who came on the court during last year's yes open final when serena williams demanded to speak to the terminent director during her her conflict with chair umpire carlos ramos early ruled that there was no violation of quote grand slam code of conduct and that quote the evidence events was inconclusive as to the intent of mr hewitt's remarks to the chair umpire q._a. for his part said i come from a multicultural country. I'm not racial any way at all. Though hewitt didn't get sanctioned. John mcenroe called his on-court statement unforgivable. It has indeed followed hewitt for his whole career areo still hear people mention it when hewitt's name comes up medvedev's words have gotten less attention because they came in a minor league event probably also because he wasn't yet well known when it happened as far as i know medvedev has never commented on this <hes> the incident did get brought up in two thousand seventeen when at wimbledon medvedev eh opened his wallet and started throwing coins at the base of the umpire's chair to make a not so subtle point about the empires bias alleged bias towards his opponent it

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