Donald Trump, Jimmy Carter And New York discussed on The Candace Owens Show


Nazi. They said everything they say about donald trump and he turned that should be around johnson became the most notably dragging it back down prefer for like a good twenty years <hes> or more he made that city into a beautiful beautiful place probably the greatest city on earth one guy really one administration not paying attention to the to what they were calling it same thing with ronald reagan jimmy carter of this country right into into the ground. I don't think he was a bad. I think he's a bad guy now but i'm not sure he was a bad guy then system common he just believe things that weren't true kind of like obama obama belief things that just weren't true. I thought it was easy to think that the west was over in the nineteen seventies and regan came in and they called him a racist every day and they called him a tyrant and they called him a war monger in an idiot idiot. He turned the country around. I mean the country then went into like twenty five years of incredible prosperity so you only have to turn the ship in the right direction and things get better and i think donald trump has done a lot of that and like i opposed donald trump tooth and nail when he was in the primaries. I was just wrong you know i was i was afraid because of his <hes> affect because of that you know belligerent kind of obstreperous bore even boris. You should be ways from new york yeah i. I was not as funny but in los angeles a little too long how he talks just like everybody. I knew everybody talked like that. When that that tape about him talking about women came out and everybody was so shocked like everybody i know yeah and i remember trump from new york and i remember good things. You didn't new york but i was. I was worried about him. He's done a really good job and the fact that he is so <hes>.

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