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As ineffective yeah. Certainly the people who believe that going in this hardened those views but i think think also people who supported trump may have come away from the summer supporting him just as well if not more. It's worth pointing out martine that the white house <hes> gave us a list of what they called historic achievements for president trump this summer. There were more than two dozen items on the list. <hes> you know this white house. Spokesman john deere said it was a historic orrick moment for the presidency to give you a flavor of what these achievements are. One was the meeting that trump had with kim jong hoon at the d._m._z. The border between north korea area and south korea that was a photo op meeting an important active diplomacy. I guess but it hasn't done anything to reverse the trends in north korea in fact north korea continues. I used to launch these short range missiles and has really frightened the japanese and south koreans with their aggression and what are some of the other things that the white house pointed to as some some of the president's achievements from these past couple of months yeah so there's a long list here and some of these things are not actually have not been achieved yet for example. The white house said that the president announced a new trade deal with japan to give farmers more access to export their products while the trade deal has not been executed. It's not been signed. There are a number the other things the state banquet that president trump had with her majesty queen elizabeth during his visit to the united kingdom honoring fallen heroes on the seventy fifth anniversary history of d day in france those are important events but they're not sort of tangible achievements or accomplishments that would necessarily secure somebody re election and were there are other things that were helpful to president trump this summer absolutely look at special counsel robert mueller's testimony july twenty fourth in house. There was a lot of expectation among congressional rational democrats that muller would make the case for impeachment that he would bring new evidence to the table that he would help generate momentum on capitol hill to begin impeachment precedings against the president that did not pan out molar gave a very lackluster performance that was criticized. He did not provide fresh evidence. He really stuck to the parameters of the report details the report and to trump that was a political victory and for the rank and file staffers that you talked to you within the white house and within the administration what did they say about what it's like to have experienced this summer you know they're tired and exhausted and one and republican strategist who works very closely with people at the white house described the sentiment as wake me when it's over. Just let's get through the summer trump. Of course it's is not one to follow a script or playbook or or be very disciplined and a staffer really on this herky-jerky roller coaster all summer long. I should point <unk> out by the way that the the white house spokesman says well. Nobody around here is tired. Were you know very busy getting work done for the american people so there is a defense of that attitude it as well. I also think that that some of these dominant narratives that came out of the summer specifically the the racist tweets about the squad that those kinds of things that galvanize president trump space absolutely and you know when trump was continuing these attacks on squad his advisors were saying look. There's a strategy here. This is a politically tactical move for president trump. It's a way to motivate and galvanized his white supporters. <hes> remember there there certain states states like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania where trump won narrowly in two thousand sixteen and hopes to win again in twenty twenty and a key for him to win some of those states according to his advisers visors is to turn out every single sort of trump inclined white voter that you can find in the hinterlands and the wait a message to them to appeal to them. According to the calculation calculation that trump campaign is making is with some of these racist charges so that even if this summer if if it's held up against the standard of other presidents and their summers before before an election year even if it doesn't seem like it was a high achieving summer that for him and what president trump is trying to do in the path that he sees towards reelection and in some ways it might have been a very effective summer. That's right i mean he. He certainly thinks it was an effective summer. I happen to think it was a summer. That tells us a lot about what the next year is going to be alike in that. There's not a grand plan here. There's not really much of a legislative agenda. <hes> there aren't that many concrete tangible things that are getting accomplished at churning from crisis to crisis to crisis in feud feud and trump lights that frankly that's how he won in in two thousand sixteen as he he drove the news cycle every single day and he stoked grievances and he pitted against each other and it worked to his benefit and there's a calculation and that he could do that again but it's not what you would traditionally call governing but when it comes to actual legislative action and passing bills with congress. Do you expect to see see that starting. This fall not much <hes> and part of that is just because of the partisan divide in congress right now one

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